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Do me a favor and stop everything you are doing right now… I want you to breathe, then take a moment to acknowledge how good YOU’RE doing. Yes you..right there reading this right now 🫵🏽 And maybe you don’t feel that way in this very moment but trust and believe me when I say you are doing an amazing job holding yourself together, showing up for yourself even when you want to quit, pushing forward even when there are endless temptations to fall backwards. But you’re doing it! Seriously, look at you go! You are doing so good kiddo 🩷🩵💜You need to stop being so hard on yourself, okay..look how far you’ve come already! Your resiliency is like no other and you’re more than capable of anything you set your mind to…more capable than you give yourself credit for. I know things are extra hard right now and the world is a much darker place but you have the power and strength to still move mountains and cross oceans…you got this kiddo, and I’ll always be here for you…don’t ever forget that 🤍 

by LivSav

🪷 LIVe your best life, SAVe yourself
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