These cryptic thoughts rattle my bones
I’m stirred up like a thousand cyclones
I lay at night and remember it all
How you held me down like a doll
It’s been six years so why can’t I forget
It’s been 71 months so why am I still upset
It’s been 2190 days so why don’t I move on
From the memories, I have withdrawn
From the depths of my sorrowful mind
Until I am free I think I’m defined
By how weak I was when I couldn’t stop you
These secrets remind me that I have no value

by Phantasma

Born and raised in San Diego, California, I am a creative and eccentric young woman who desires to be a writer. I am in currently studying creative writing at school and aspire to receive my masters in the future. I am two sides of one coin; I enjoy writing sensitive poetry, my own analysis on astrology and tarot and I write morbid short horror stories.

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