2020 Vision

Talk less
Do more
Receive what God has in store 
No longer stressing
About to get my blessings
Bring them to life  
Keep him first
Jesus Christ
This your year to level up
Don't get in situations 
That allow you to get stuck 
Be a bird and soar
Be hungry want more 
Success we all can succeed
Put yourself first then others will see
Time to get on your grind
Get on it 
Go out there and get it if you want it
Don't defer your dreams for someone else 
Level up and do it for yourself
If you got plans make it happen
If you got goals your the captain
If you got ideas 
Bring them to life 
If you got visions sacrifice
It's all up to you
What you want to do
20/20 Vision 
That's a decision 
That you will make 
Save room
For errors 
You are liable to make mistakes 
Create this year 
A spirit of no fear
But a spirit of Faith 
Let God continue working on you
There's no debate 
That you are special In everyway 
Know that through storms you'll be ok
20/20 let's support each other
Businesses , visions 
And so much more 
Let's help 20/20 be a year of unlock doors 
And opportunities
Let's make this a year of unity
20/20 i don't want to be rich
I want to be wealthy
At heart
I want to help those that are falling apart
As this new year 2020 begins
I want you to know we in it to win 
by MissChettaPoetic

The Voice behind the pen
The pen and the paper
The paper and the pen
You can rewrite your story
From the beginning to the end
Erase it , rough draft
Direct your path
Who can explain the pen better
Than Ms. Concetta


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