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23. Master's Student. Unemployed.

I cannot adult today.

That phrase has turned into my new motto lately. I don’t know what it is but it holds so much truth in it. Maybe it’s all my responsibilities or maybe I don’t have enough things to do. Maybe it’s my lack of early 20’s success or maybe everything is just simply overrated.

Everyone on social media seems to have their life figured out and know what their purpose is right out of college. (I’m not jealous or envious, I can only admire and congratulate them with sincere joy.)

But, how do people do it? I have no answer for that question at all.

I can tell you one thing for sure is that I am working on it. I am currently a Master’s student, trying to further my education and chances of getting a “good” job. Though, I am unemployed because I quit my old job. I was simply miserable, it was not challenging and there was no room for me to grow. So, I decided that I want to work for a company that values me as an employee, as an individual and as a professional.

Some people would say that I am too ambitious, but to hell with them. You must and should value yourself before you could let others do it for you.

However, it doesn’t make me angry or sad, it just makes me want to do more, work harder. Try something new, get out of old habits.  Consequently, I developed little habits to make me feel sane from time to time, you know, a break from all the homework, presentations, job hunting, budging and being, you know, hopeless.

Here are my top 5 daily habits:

  1. Have a morning routine: I wake up, shower, put comfortable clothes on, make breakfast and drink coffee watch my favorite 30-minute sitcom or an episode of my current TV series on Netflix. It relaxes me and it gives me a break from social media and/or the news.
  2. Plan my day: I check my agenda, see what I have for the day and include unexpected activities (you know, things to do when you receive overnight emails).
  3. Read the news and/or any interesting articles: It is always important to know what is going on in the world, especially being an international commerce student – I need to stay on top of things. And, well, there are always those weird, interesting articles that you find on Facebook. For example, how a boyfriend found out his girlfriend was cheating on him or how Almond Milk is not as healthy as we think.
  4. Workout (Me – Time): I work out for 45-60 minutes; it helps me clear my head and have alone time from everything and everyone. I don’t even listen to music, I just listen to the birds and look at the scenery.
  5. Have a night routine: I make dinner, put a face mask on, drink tea while watching my favorite show before going to sleep.

These habits work for me, they help me keep well-balanced, healthy, and level headed. Everyone needs to find activities that relaxes them because work, school, even home chores can get stressful and frustrating.

Responsibilities are overrated. Our current society, makes individuals think that being busy all the time is healthy and it truly isn’t. Yes, maybe, I am an “unsuccessful” 23-year-old who is trying her best to finish a 2-year Master’s program abroad (in my homeland: Dominican Republic), and do not have this glorious life but at least I am trying my hardest.

“Happiness is not just a mood… it’s a work ethic.”    

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