3 Business Bloggers You Need To Follow

Blogging is a business, and business bloggers double up on that action in a savvy cocktail of smarts and efficiency. 

Today, prolific bloggers wield a lion’s share of power, transforming brands in a single post by their prowess in wordsmithing and on-demand industry insight. Web users are constantly clamouring for consensus via search engines and social media trending pages, and bloggers are only too happy to oblige. 

Of course, some bloggers are more informative than others. Which names are the most worthy of your time?

Therefore, we’ve listed 3 of the best business bloggers for you to follow down below. 

Tej Kohli 

Prolific technologist Tej Kohli set up his own self-titled blog to share how he uses his success to help rebuild impoverished communities around the world, which you can peruse by clicking the link or by following #TejTalks on social media. 

Readers are first met by an in-depth foreword and profile of the successful entrepreneur, detailing Kohli’s successes in science and technology and the lessons he’s learnt on his journey. Helping people in Costa Rica, bionic interventions, and combating holiday hunger are all explored in rich detail, among a smattering of other insightful subject matters. Ultimately, it’s all a story about leaving behind a better world not just for the fortunate few, but for all. 

It’s also worth mentioning that tales such as these can inspire hope among the masses. Obviously, millions of people are facing unbearable hardship around the globe, so to witness someone using their fortune to cure the ills of other’s misfortune is no doubt a therapeutic experience, of sorts. To have access to that in blog form is a wonderful thing. 

Sabrina Parsons

It would be foolish to suggest that the business environment is problem-free. Unfortunately, there’re numerous sticking points that need fine tuning. 

One such area is the role of mother’s in the workplace, and Sabrina Parsons covers those topics admirably over at ‘Mommy CEO’. Raising awareness on how businesses can support employee’s who’re parents, the work-life-family balance, and gender disparity in caregiving situations are just some of the subjects being routinely interrogated here. It’s a worthwhile discussion that every businessperson should participate in, regardless of their level of employment. 

Many female CEOs do not want being a mum to stop them being leaders in their professional pursuits, so there is an appetite for this wealth of knowledge. A growing consensus of change is mounting when it comes to motherhood and work, and blogs such as ‘Mommy CEO’ are leading the way. 

Ramit Sathi 

A New York Times bestseller, Ramit Sathi’s ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’ business blog does exactly what it says on the tin and more.

How to become an entrepreneur, get a job fast, and find a mentor that can better your potential are just some of the topics he covers here. From the broad to the specific, not stone is left unturned here. His practical advice combined with the reader’s passion creates active entrepreneurs in industry, granting new voices and minds a seat at the table.

Many people respond best to easy to read, clear cut advice, and this blog provides that in spades. For quick answers and a sense of direction, this domain has everything an aspiring entrepreneur could require.  


by Harness Editor

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