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3 Employee Appreciation Ideas All Your Team Members Will Love

Having satisfied team members is essential for ensuring that you maintain high productivity levels and reach all the goals you set for your team. Job satisfaction is very important for any company. It is what will ensure sufficient productivity, employee loyalty and lower migration of employees to other companies. And employee appreciation is one of the key aspects of job satisfaction; everyone wants to feel like they matter, that their company recognizes their efforts and that they can actually get rewarded for everything they do. In addition, it is equally important in what form these rewards come. So, here to help you decide on what way you want to show your employees that you care are some great ideas that all the members of your team will enjoy.


A bonus here and there for Team Members

Well, not to be too simplistic, but a financial bump from time to time has proven to be one of the most efficient ways of showing appreciation. It can be a seasonal bonus on the paycheck like for Christmas or Easter, or you can choose to award each team separately based on their performance, in that case, a virtual card is a great option, you can base the amount on the cards on the level of appreciation you want to show each employee. And if you feel that someone has done more add an additional bonus. That way your employees will know that their effort has not gone unnoticed, but at the same time team members that have done more and achieved more will get that additional wind in their sales to continue to perform on the same level.

Fun team building activities

Team building is a great way not only to show employee appreciation but also to create a better work environment. Your employees will get to know their coworkers better, they’ll get to spend time with each other ousted of work and bond. It is always better to do a poll offering different team building options and then let your employees choose what works best for their individual teams. Making everyone do only one thing, especially if they are not comfortable with it can result in a very negative reaction from your employees. So, compile a list of different activities that are available in the vicinity of your company and have your HR department put things into motion. You can afterward do a satisfaction survey so that you know whether or not the team building event was a success.


Make different online courses available for Team Members

Offering to pay a subscription for different online courses is a great way to ensure that your employees feel that you genuinely care about them. By enabling them to learn new skills or perfect old ones and expanding their access to knowledge you are creating a very positive work environment, one that allows growth and advancement of everyone involved. This can lead to exceptional results when it comes to increased job satisfaction, productivity, and end-result. Having highly skilled employees can only benefit your company, so by investing in different online courses that your teams have selected for themselves you will actually be investing in your company’s future and the ROI is almost a full guarantee.

So, there you have it, some easy to execute ideas that are bound to show your employees that they are not only appreciated but that the company has their best interest in mind. This will motivate them to work harder, produce better results and push the whole company forward. So, take your time, choose which of these ideas works best for your teams, maybe you can even end up using all of them thus providing your employees with a truly exceptional work environment, and minimizing the possibility of them migrating to other companies. Not to mention that high employee satisfaction is a key factor in attracting new talent in the job market.



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