It started with a hashtag
Voices ringing
Singing from every corner
A trickle, a whisper
A photo on her feed
A woman who said, LOOK
The man in the background smiling widely
Like he belonged there
Like she was his property
Like she was enjoying his attention

She started to think
About every time she had been followed
And whispered to
And whistled at
And touched

The stories cascaded down
A gentle mist to coat her soul
She tilted her face up and breathed in the words
Thirsty with the knowledge
The words that throbbed in her ears

You are not alone

The chorus crescendoed
She lurked in the dark
Watching with wide-eyed wonder
Like a toddler at a firework display
Captivated but fearful
She waited with lips cauterized shut
The tiny words bloomed in her brain
Tentative tendrils curling upward through the fire

Me too

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by Lmbiber

Mama. Teacher. Writer. Traveler. Wanderer. Yogi. Hufflepuff.

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