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Deep in the forest, where the witches get naked.

Floating in a circle around the fire that called them.

Crackling sounds pop like fireworks

in between their ears. Offing their minds that go


when souls get sold in the night.

What a sight for the trees,

standing like gods looking down on sin. Watching praise that’s twisted –

like toxic lovers lusting again.


their chanting…

words from another realm.

With a passion that could pass for anger, the more they release,

the higher they ascend.

Atop the shining crystal, draped over by the clouds, they move their body parts so elegantly –

like ballerinas in

slow motion.

Skin peeling off as they are pulled, until they are nothing but brittle bones in the sky.

With wings that only butterflies can possess, fluttering out of their spines.

It’s a beautiful disaster.

A crown of dead things,

that live again.

by PoetKi

Hey ya'll. I'm PoetKi, and currently I am getting my MA in Creative Writing at Kennesaw State University in GA, where I'm from. Atlanta to be exact! I love to write songs, interludes, poems, short fiction, and creative non-fiction that resonate with both male and female in a way that is relate-able, inspiring, and impactful, while also innocent, sensual, and urban. I am an open book, and I choose to share my story through my words so that anyone who is feeling/have felt the same way I did/do will ultimately connect and understand that they are not alone.

I am an artist looking to brand myself by expanding my connections with other creatives. I aspire to become a hit song maker, a well-known author, and a curator of spoken word events.

I hope you enjoy what you read, and I hope that we can work together in the future, possibly.


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