33 Life Lessons Learned In My 33 Years

Last month I celebrated my birthday and now face the realization that I will be 33 years old. Throughout my life I have experienced triumphs, failures, breakdowns and tragic losses. Dealing with life, wisdom brewed and I came into my own more sure of who I am. I was told 33 will be the best year of my life. It will be a pinnacle age like 18 or 21, but with less fear of the unknown and more control of my destiny with a clear mind. I am very blessed to be less insecurity, to have my life in better order and to be grounded enough to have my fun with no regrets.

Here are my 33 life lessons I have picked up so far in my 33 years of living!

  1. I’m human but in that humanness I am magical.
  2. Love my 4c hair as if they are strands of gold.
  3. I am not defined by wifehood or motherhood, but I should not feel guilty for yearning those things every now and then.
  4. Anger gets you no where fast, a level head and strategy is more profound.
  5. It’s okay to have moments of sadness. The tears is your body releasing you of the sorrow.
  6. I am not going to agree with everyone, but I should have confidence and respect for my own opinions.
  7. Tolerance is bullshit. We don’t need to tolerate each other’s differences, we need to embrace them.
  8. I am a speck in the universe, but like any system I have purpose and will do what I can to create only good as my contribution.
  9. My parents are as human as I am, they have flaws and that’s okay.
  10. Be honest with yourself about your flaws, they are marks you choose to embrace or improve upon.
  11. If you put many human beings together for a purpose, good or bad, things will manifest.
  12. Pain is good, it reminds you that you’re still alive, feeling.
  13. There is a difference between living and being alive.
  14. Whatever you are doing passionately and positively is a prayer to god.
  15. Pay attention to tiny victories, they really do help you appreciate the big ones.
  16. Colors can bring simple joy to your spirit.
  17. Your words contribute to the flow of life as much as your presence.
  18. Rain is God baptizing us, don’t be afraid to take in the cleansing
  19. You can’t change the past and cant apologize for every regret you have. It’s best to forgive yourself, learn from the mistakes and hope the past can stay behind you.
  20. Ancestors are your biggest advocates in this world and the next, be their wildest dreams.
  21. People are in your library of life. Some are just a page, a chapter and at times a whole volume.
  22. Time to yourself is not selfish, it is necessary for you to recharge your energy.
  23. Not all geniuses have degrees.
  24. Listen to your elders, they have the oral history of the world.
  25. Be thankful to those who came into your life to give you the hard lessons, do know they served their purpose.
  26. Our people will stay stagnant if they can not see their ability to stand on their own.
  27. Relationships is a value exchange if emotional, spiritual or physical.
  28. If you are going to be a voice for the people, you better know what the hell you’re talking about and make sure you have your receipts.
  29. My body is glorious, stretch marks and all.
  30. Therapy does not mean you are weak, it is brave to face your trauma head on.
  31. It’s okay to say no without explaining yourself, you know what is right for you.
  32. Trust those willing to be vulnerable with you, they may be the safe shoulder for you to cry on.
  33. Love hard and really mean it.
by Majella.Mark

Majella is a researcher, writer, artist and co-creator of "Met God, She's Black". She has conducted numerous workshops including "The Wakanda Workshop" to address racial inequalities using Marvel's "Black Panther's" film as a reference point and the Judy Chicago's inspired art piece for the workshop, "Pussy Plate Painting Party" to address gender inequalities and the objectification of the female body. She is also a writer and artist, involved with many organizations including Support Creativity, the United Nations Association, The Assemblage, Black Women's BluePrint among others.


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