4 Adrenaline-Charged Activities That Will Get Your Heart Pumping

It’s that time of the year again when you need to rest and take a well-deserved vacation! But this year, you don’t want a place that will give you a typical experience. You desire a destination that will give you thrills and spills. Yes, you need a place where you will test your adrenaline and get an experience that will stay in your mind for as long as you live.

Thankfully, mother nature will never let you down!

Mountain trekking, nature safaris, dense forest hiking, rumbling waterfalls, and heart-stopping marine spots are some of the adrenaline-charged activities that inspire you. Are there some places in the world that can make your desires come true? Well, read on!

  1. Biking around Mount Toubkal, Morocco

Your goal is to do something fun, but one which is out of the ordinary, right? Well, you will love biking around mount Toubkal in Morocco. The journey begins at the bustle of Marrakech, and from a distance, you will get a breath-taking view of the Atlas Range, and beautiful villages which are crafted to complement the rocks around them – which is basically glamorous artwork that you cannot find anywhere else in the world.

You will be treated with a one-week circumnavigation of this amazing mountain, a journey that will be full of problematic road climbs, not forgetting the fast and challenging single-track descents. It is as exciting as riding a horse to the finishing line in the Kentucky Derby.

This biking fun event covers 270 kilometers off-road and provides you with an opportunity to experience the beauty of Africa, appreciate the diversity and beauty of Mother Nature, and interact with the local community.

When undertaking this noble adrenaline exercise, don’t worry about your luggage. All essentials will be carried by a 4X4 car support, thus allowing you to focus on the terrain and make the best out of it.

  1. Adventuring in Picos de Europa, Spain

If you want to get a top-gear refill of your energy thrills, then you need to go for an adventure at the Picos de Europa, which is Spain’s first National Park.

This is a hub of large cave systems, deep gorges, bubbly rivers, and opulent valleys. The amount of fun activities is limitless, whether you come with your spouse, family, or like-minded friends.

In case you have the guts, you can trek through the popular Cares Gorge, Canoe through the Rube Gorge, or better still, take your bike and cycle along the paths of the old Camino de Santiago.

  1. Embark on a journey to the African Wild

From lively rivers such as the White Nile and the Zambezi, and dense forests such as Congo and Kakamega forests, to snow-capped mountains such as Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, Africa is the place to be whenever you need to have utmost family fun.

What makes Africa a unique destination is the fact that it never falls short of fun activities, including adrenaline junkies. This includes game drives, gorge swimming, Bungee jumps, and wild trekking. After you are out of breath after doing as many thrilling activities as possible, make friends with local people.

After an eventful day, spend your night at a camp and do things you enjoy before wild choruses, hisses, and songs sooth you to a good night’s sleep.

  1. Trekking through a rainforest, Borneo

Have you ever seen a wild Orang-utan? Well, if you haven’t, then trekking through the dense rainforest in Borneo will provide you with a memorable experience. You will interact with these kind and lovely animals on a personal level, as they swing from one branch to another, while you fight your way through thick undergrowth.

You will certainly hold your breath as you listen to the sounds of swooshing leaves and gaze towards the reedy sunbeams floating through the canopy.

In case you don’t see these ‘men of the forest’ when trekking, don’t worry! You can take selfies and close-up photos with them at the Sepilok Rehabilitation Center.

There you have it! Do you still want to flirt with danger while having fun? Well, the destinations above will, without a doubt, provide you with all the adrenaline you need when danger lurks!





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