4 Tips to Enjoy Your Visit to Dubai Without Spending Too Much

Dubai is one of the most vibrant, expensive, and exciting locations globally and is a must-visit. Many expatriates find it one of the top places to relocate to. Plus, it’s ideal for earning a tax-free salary if you’re eligible. Despite one of the major misconceptions that Dubai is a country for the wealthy, you’ll find a healthy mix of mind-boggling wealthy Arabs as well as upper-middle class. Expatriates will range from dirt poor to very-well off. And migrants will fill the gaps in between. No matter your pay grade, you’re bound to find exciting places to visit within a budget. While in Dubai, you’ll have to keep in mind certain cultural practices that must be observed. For instance, they don’t allow public displays of affection or unmarried couples sharing hotel rooms. If you’re traveling with adult teens, remember that the legal drinking age is 21.

Cost-Saving Hacks and Tips When Visiting Dubai

As one of the top ten richest countries in the world, you may be wondering if there are cost-saving hacks you can use when visiting this beautiful country. In shaping the city to suit a range of tastes and desires for people from any demographic, the city has certainly done an admirable job. You can get great deals and use a coupon code when in Dubai that’ll give you great savings. This article shares information and gives you insights and tips when visiting Dubai to spend less.

#1: Opt for A Budget Hotel

Dubai may be famous for its luxurious resorts and 7-star hotels, but that’s not to say there aren’t sufficiently lovely hotels that are less sophisticated and ideal for someone on a budget. Dubai has different neighborhoods close by to each other but with huge price differences. Take, for instance, Al Barsha, where you can find most budget hotels. It is located less than thirty minutes away from its much pricier neighborhoods like Dubai Marina and Downtown Dubai.

#2: Purchase Items Through Online Shopping

Online shopping will give you access to great deals, allowing you to redeem voucher codes on your purchases. Whether it’s outfits, jewelry, or memorabilia gifts you’d like to take back home with you, online coupons are the best way to ensure you spend within your budget without missing out on the great things Dubai has to offer.

#3: Avoid Alcohol

If you love to party and nightlife is synonymous with you, you’ll quickly realize that alcohol in Dubai is pricey. You can easily spend between 39 and 58 GBP on a night of moderate drinking. Avoiding alcohol allows you to save and spend on dining and visiting amazing attractions around the city or simply saving your money entirely.

#4: Engage in Free Activities

There are numerous activities you can engage in that are fun and won’t cost you a dime. For example:

  • Watch horses racing in Meydan
  • Enjoy street wrestling on the Deira streets
  • View the skyscrapers of Marina
  • Walk around the Souq Madinat
  • Enjoy camel racing


In Conclusion

Any time you travel to Dubai, always remember to have your travel insurance updated. The health care system is private and tremendously expensive. Engage in the numerous free activities in the city to keep you entertained and sticking to your budget. You can also visit one of the most captivating displays of flora and fauna on the planet at the Green Planet in Dubai. You can purchase your Green Planet Tickets at great discounted rates and wind up your trip in style. Always plan your visit to Dubai so that you don’t end up spending too much and remember to use a coupon code with your purchases.
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