5 At-Home Date Ideas for You & Bae

Who says quarantine and chill has to be basic?

Confessions time: you are sick and tired of being stuck inside with nothing but TikTok challenges to keep you entertained. You’re starting to realize you took many things for granted. You miss your commute to work in the morning, lunch with your coworkers, and happy hour with your squad on Friday nights. But what about date night? Surely you’re getting tired of Netflixin’ it up with your significant other. You spend the days reminiscing about dinner at your favorite restaurant, trips to the movies, and walks in the park. Those exist only in your memory now, so how can you make a living room date just as fun as a night out? Check out this list for some cool at-home date ideas.

Bedroom Brunch

Getting up early to catch the breakfast special at café near your apartment was lovely. But now you find yourself stuck to the bed and wondering how much longer you can pretend to be asleep before bae nudges and mumbles something about being hungry. If only everyone in the city wasn’t constantly ordering take-out right now. This shouldn’t get you down. Rise up from that bed and dare to venture to the fridge. You’ve already done your panic induced grocery shopping so you have tons of options. Use the café as your inspiration. Don’t just whip up the basic bacon, eggs and toast. Pull out the fancy plates, you need bagels with cream cheese, muffins, fruit, a selection of tea or maybe coffee. You can laze around in bed with your significant other and enjoy a bedroom brunch. Feel free to post pics of your aesthetically pleasing food to your socials!

Get Gaming!

In a relationship with a gamer, ladies? Or maybe you’re a gamer yourself. Either way, gaming is one of the most popular indoor activities, especially when you can connect with other online and game together. But who needs to argue with the twelve year olds screaming into their microphones? Take a break from that and invite your significant other to play. Make things a little bit more interesting. Whoever loses at Mario Kart has to wash the dishes from dinner last night. Best two out of three!

Collaborative Cooking

You’ve seen the chicken Alfredo memes that populated our newsfeeds last months. You don’t want to have the stereotypical romantic meal during lockdown with bae. You’ve spent more than enough time binge watching Master Chef and Hell’s Kitchen. You find an odd sense of pleasure in seeing Gordon Ramsay tear the contestants’ hard work apart. Sort through those “Tasty” recipes you have saved on Facebook and pick two that agree with the ingredients you have on hand. The two of you can take turns being the chef while the other is the judge of the meal you prepared. If that feels like too much pressure, (especially if you know deep down that one of you is a much better cook than the other) you guys can try your hand at making a yummy dinner for two together. It doesn’t have to be a challenge. It can be something simple yet unique to both your taste.

Books with your Boo

Many celebrities have been sharing what books are on their nightstand lately. What’s on yours? Even if you don’t consider yourself a bookworm, it doesn’t hurt to take a break from the screen time and start turning the pages of best seller you may have missed out on. The two of you can start on a book before bed and then maybe start discussing your likes and dislikes and how it relates to your life. Try to do so without spoilers so that when you’ve both finished reading you can swap books and see what kind of literature your boo is into.

Pretend Picnic

Parks are off limits, but picnics aren’t. Your living room will so just fine. Move the furniture out of the way and spread your picnic blanket out on the floor just as you would if you were at the park. You can skip the basket if you really want to and just transport the food from the kitchen to the pretend picnic in the next room. What’s on the menu? Perhaps the traditional sandwiches and some sparkling apple juice maybe? Make it as fancy and romantic as you want. Sure, there won’t be a cool breeze and the soothing aroma of fresh flowers to accompany your pretend picnic. But that doesn’t matter as long as you and your significant other are having a good time and enjoying each other’s company.

by Ms.Taj

Black woman who often writes about things related to the Black-American experience. I'm a writer and digital media professional based in Philadelphia who is currently seeking out opportunities to learn and grow in the field of communications. My background as writer has afforded me the opportunity to work on various projects that are dependent on effective storytelling. I specialize in essay writing, resume and cover letter writing, blogs, listicles, poems, screenplays, speeches, and more.


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