5 European Cities To Consider Studying In 

Europe is a diverse and beautiful continent of immense historical and cultural importance, so it’s a great place to consider studying if you want to take a year abroad. With so many countries and cities to choose from it can be hard to pick, so here’s our breakdown of some of the most exciting cities in Europe for students. 


With not one but three leading universities, this magnificent German city is perfect for students. For humanities and natural sciences students, the Freie Universität Berlin is a great education provider boasting world-class facilities and revered professors. There is also the pioneering Humboldt University Berlin and the Technische Universität Berlin for those looking to excel in the fast-paced technology market. As a city Berlin is multicultural, diverse and creative, making it perfect for students looking to enjoy new experiences. 


Portugal’s capital is a hilly city with beautiful, rustic architecture. The University of Lisbon is the country’s largest university and a respected public research institution making it the perfect base for anyone keen to enhance their career and make a name for themselves in their chosen field. Students are welcomed in Lisbon, and the city has many respected service providers such as student accommodation experts Collegiate who provide an exclusive experience for those looking for elegant Lisbon-living. 


Over 30 universities and education establishments call France’s majestic capital city home, so it is no wonder that the city is so popular with students from around the world. Paris also has a rich cultural heritage and boasts some of the world’s greatest collections of art, sculptures and historical artefacts. The city’s Latin Quarter is considered the student district,  and boasts many enticing activities, but the entire city is at your feet should you wish to study in Paris thanks to the Metro, which offers you complete access to this sumptuous city in all its glory.  


Thanks to an array of universities and some of the world’s finest architecture Barcelona is a cosmopolitan centre of excellence for anyone keen to study in Europe. The city has delicious fresh food, beautiful beaches and a unique collection of art, making it ideal for any student no matter what their tastes. There’s something for everyone in Barcelona, and this welcoming city is dedicated to making students feel welcome by offering the Carnet Jove for young people so that they can get discounts on hundreds of attractions, restaurants, bars and activities. As a result, you can make the most out of your time in Barcelona without blowing your budget! 


Home to Imperial College London, the tenth best university in the world, the UK’s bustling capital is the ideal base for students keen to attend any of the city’s respected universities. With some of the world’s best theatre, music and sport all performed in the city’s extraordinary venues, including the Apollo Theatre, the O2 Academy and Wembley Stadium, London is the perfect city for those keen to experience everything that European life has to offer. 



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