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5 Key Tips for a Perfect Summer Rooftop Party

Can you see yourself wearing that oh-so-comfy little black dress, your favorite pair of Greek sandals, a touch of a perfume floating around your tamed mane, and with a cool cocktail rocking in your hand? Add a panoramic view of the expansive city before your eyes, ablaze with night lights and immersed in the sounds of the wind and chatter, and you have yourself the perfect rooftop party scenario, celebrating the present moment. 

Are you ready to throw one of your own? To help you handle this intricate process, and enjoy it every step of the way, here’s a list of five must-do steps for your rooftop party to have all the markings of a sophisticated summer sensation your friends will adore and talk about for weeks to follow.

Select the venue

Although some might say that there’s no such thing as a bad choice of a rooftop, some are indeed more alluring than others. Some of the cheapest options have the most charm and personality, such as those residential buildings that allow tenants to bring guests around for an evening of classy unwinding. If you’re lucky, perhaps your own building has such a glorious rooftop!

If a place has too much shabby and not enough chic on the premises, rest assured that a little decoration, fairy lights, and long-lasting scented candles can instantly transform an urban rooftop into a mysterious escape in the heart of your metropolis.

Take care of the perfect menu

Cocktails are the heart and soul of a real rooftop party that aims to impress and inspire. However, if you’re not too eager to spend every waking minute of your party making those drinks for your guests, you can always rely on professionals. For instance, a world-class mixologist from NYC can turn an ordinary rooftop get-together into a true palate-teasing event your friends will never be able to forget. 

Go outside of that mundane cocktail pattern and talk it over with your crew to deliver something unique, while still delicious. Add to that a selection of snacks and appetizers that will allow a normal flow of the conversation and give your guests sustenance, and you’re about to ensure your party earns the title of the party of the summer.

Let people know

It’s one thing to have your wicked plan devised in a matter of hours, but what about your guests? They need time to get ready, time to set aside an entire evening, plan out their wardrobe should there be a theme for the party, and of course, make sure their kids, pets, and plants are taken care of while they’re away basking on your rooftop. Make sure your guests have at least a week or two notice, if you’re inviting your closest friends and their plus ones. 

If you plan to expand the crowd, even a full month ahead is a good choice for them to RSVP. Now, you can use social media to spread the word by creating an event, while you also send out emails and track their responses over time. You can use those e-vites that let you design your own little digital summer party invitations to make it stand out! 

Create the perfect mood

Now that you have your catering and your guests ready to rock, you should make sure that you have the entertainment on par with the rest of your rooftop essentials. Although your guests will typically be there to meet and chitchat, catch up with friends, and no one is there for a circus performance really, the right background music can make all the difference.

If you want to go all out, you can hire a local DJ to play something smooth and mellow, or get a local artist to play their guitar or the piano (or in this case, the keyboard, because, what are the chances to find a rooftop with a piano already there). Alternatively, you can get your laptop and some high-quality sound system, create a playlist you know your guests will enjoy and just hit play!

Decorate with flair 

Finally, it’s time to address the fairy lights and other accompanying details to turn your venue into a spectacular chic nook. In addition to using those scattered lights, you can add scented candles for tables and the bar, and you’ll serve two purposes with a single decorating tool!

If there are none already there, bring a few potted plants up there to turn your rooftop into an oasis, and choose comfortable seating with an occasional throw pillow for extra comfort. Your guests will relax instantly.

It’s time to put your creative mind to good use and turn this party into reality. Use these tips, and you’ll have a perfect plan for you and your summer fiesta ready, and rest assured your guests will start asking for the next date before the party is over. 

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by Sophia SS

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