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5 Ways to Decorate Your Spa for Spring

If you’re a spa owner, this article is especially for you! Whether some fresh flowers or new, wonderful colors, it’s easy to personalize your space in a fresh way to help attract new clients.

Here are five great ways to decorate your spa for spring!

1. Pastel Color Schemes

Whether you’re looking for a new paint job, furniture or just small and simple decorations, aiming for pastel color schemes can bring a fresh and spring-like atmosphere to your spa.

In terms of decorations, this could come in the form of banners, streamers, balloons, promotional products, candies or any other ideas you can brainstorm and manage.

Dr. Sarah Bennett, a naturopathic physician in Arizona, always makes sure that the color schemes in her clinic are inviting and seasonal:

“One of the fun parts about marketing with a spa is that a lot of it relies on the physical ambiance and look of your location. It makes for great social media potential, helps bring people in from the street and keeps regular clients happy and relaxed no matter what time of the year it is! It’s an important approach for any business, but beauty and cosmetic industries can especially benefit from a pleasing atmosphere.”

If pastel doesn’t work for the vibe of your office, bright colors via flowers and other imagery could be a good alternative!

2. Special Product Packaging

If you’re looking for a new way to sell any retail products (skincare, beauty tools, etc.), now is a great time to test out new ideas.

By using fun and special packaging or wrapping, it can make people a lot more excited to take advantage of any offers or specials you have.

This can be done through baskets, wrapping paper, plastic wrap or ribbons when you get your customer’s products ready to take home.

Finding fun and creative packaging ideas can also open up a lot of opportunity for deals and specials. People are a lot more likely to be interested in a spring package if it’s wrapped in a pleasing way; plus, it’s much easier to market on both shelves and social media!

Generally, packaging follows the same recipe as any other decoration or marketing. Pleasing color schemes and patterns can go a long way, and adding any extras like promotional products or bows should be minimal and relevant!

3. Mark Special Calendar Days

While the season of spring itself is reason enough for new decor and ideas, the season comes with numerous holidays you may want to keep in mind for more specific decorations.

You can decorate for Mother’s Day on May 12, for instance, specifically to appeal to mothers or their children who may be looking for gift ideas. A lot of the same decoration ideas you used for Valentine’s Day can be used here since pink and hearts are often associated with Mother’s Day, as well.

By decorating according to holidays, it helps you get in the spirit and can make way for good promotional ideas and social media specials, as well!

4. Plants and Flowers

One of the best parts of spring is that foliage and flowers are not only nice, but relevant!

If you don’t already use these in your spa, now is a great time to spruce it up with some fresh, live decorations that brighten anyone’s day.

Even if you already enjoy using flower arrangements or houseplants as decor, spring is a great excuse to up your game with some new directions with it.

While adding flowers to the decor in your spa, you could also consider adding petals to any pedicures, baths or any other services that require water for an extra spring-themed luxury!

5. Don’t Forget the Other Senses

Decorations can make your spa pleasing to the eye, but it’s important to remember the potential of smells and sounds, too!

Chris Meyer, a head doctor at Florida Vein Care Specialists, has a great deal of experience in maintaining a calming environment in any cosmetic office:

“One of the most important things about keeping any customer, patient or client happy and comfortable in your environment is to maintain pleasant smells and sounds throughout. You can do this through any calming, copyright-free music and aromatherapy. Especially during spring, there is a great deal of potential with music inspired by the season and floral scents that remind everyone of the blooming time of year!”

To keep people in the happy mood of spring, you could light candles, have fresh flowers, utilize aromatherapy and find soothing spring music and sounds.

Spring is a beautiful time of the year, and its aesthetic has a great deal of potential for any spa!

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by torilutz

Katherine (Tori) Lutz is a Florida State University graduate and a current student at Columbia University. Since completing her undergraduate degree, she has undergone a great deal of freelance work in the areas of writing, editing and marketing.


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