5 Ways to Make a Friend Happy

There’s much more to sharing happiness than how it makes you Happy and the recipient feel. For instance, research has shown that doing charitable work has a significant impact on stress levels – it was proven that volunteers are much less likely to develop high blood pressure. Additionally, giving and selflessness is scientifically proven to lower the risk of early death.

Another study of over 10,000 people across 33 countries found that kindness is more attractive than physical good looks. Other studies have shown that kindness can help people cope better with the disease, emotional trauma, and chronic pain. Taking the time to make a friend happy has a meaningful and lasting impact on both their life and your own.

With this in mind, here are some suggestions on ways that you can make a friend happy (or anyone else).

Give Them a Compliment

Next time you see your friend, give them a compliment. Many of our efforts tend to go unacknowledged. This makes a sincere compliment quite significant, especially if it’s for something that your friend has been working hard towards achieving, such as a fitness goal or a new pair of shoes that they’ve been saving up for.

Surprise Outing

Surprises are guaranteed to provide a burst of delight. Without informing them, plan a fun day or night out with your friend. It can involve a visit to the movie theatre or the arcade, a fancy dinner, live concert… the sky’s the limit. Even a peaceful hike or walk on the beach will serve as the perfect way to spend some quality time and catch up.

Send Them Flowers

Nothing beats a colourful, fragrant batch of flowers. Coupled with a box of chocolates or a teddy bear, flowers make the perfect gift for any occasion. You can order a delivery of flowers here, with a wide variety of affordable options including themed gifts and luxury food assortments. With Pickupflowers, you can send flowers to UK residents through their online store. This flower delivery UK service offers same-day delivery dates with low shipping prices. Whether you’re looking to spoil a friend on their birthday, make their Christmas special or surprise them on any occasion, this is a great way to do it.

Fill Their Inbox with Memes

Whether it’s to ensure they start their morning in the right mood or to cheer them up after a rough day at work, a good old batch of memes will always do the trick. Sending memes is perhaps the most cost-effective way to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Express Your Appreciation

Sometimes we take our friendships for granted without even knowing it and, even when we do appreciate them, we seldom let each other know. Send your friend a message or tell them in person how much you appreciate your friendship. Mention a few good times in the past or how they’ve made a positive impact in your life.

No matter which of these options you choose, rest-assured your friend will cherish your efforts for years to come. Plus, you’ll also feel great, which is always a bonus.

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