5 Ways to Nail the Ultimate #GirlBoss Style

When you think about all the reasons that make you feel powerful and successful, clothes are probably not that high on your list. However, while this is not something that we know consciously, there is importance in the way we dress. This is especially important for work looks. So, the next time you have an important meeting or interview, use the following tips to help you rock the #girlboss style.

Classics that never go out of style

When in doubt, go with the classics because you can’t go wrong with those. There are many options, and here are just some that you can recreate. A pencil skirt in a dark color paired with a light blue, nude or white shirt is something that looks good on anyone and is still effective. Your choice of shoes can be simple pumps that you can get in a dark color as well, and be able to use them with many other outfits. To bring in a bit more versatility, another idea could be wearing pants. Pantsuits have been pretty popular in the last few years, so why not use this trend? Since business looks require calmer colors, consider getting a dark blue or gray pantsuit, which you can pair either with a blouse or shirt in a different color to make it stand out more. For a more casual business look, dark denim jeans paired with a sweater would also look amazing.

Pay attention to the details

Like with any other look, business looks also require certain details that put the whole outfit together. They help you leave a good first impression, and they improve any look. One example can be wearing a silk scarf with a white shirt and black pants, which is a signature business look. To bring some dynamics into the whole look, you can choose the ones with print or red and blue details. Another example is jewelry. Now, statement or trendy jewelry is supposed to be left for night outs and other occasions. For a business look, a good wrist watch is both useful because you won’t have to pick up your phone every few minutes to check the hour, and it also looks good. When wearing cold colors, choose a silver watch and with warmer colors, go for a gold one. Stud earrings or a small, minimalist necklace are also a smart choice.  

Your choice of shoes 

Women usually pay so much attention to shoes. However, sometimes we don’t choose appropriate work shoes, which is why this little guide can help you. Heels that can be used as a part of a business look are low pump heels. Sandals or any open shoes are not work appropriate, so leave these for other occasions. As for flats, ballet flats, especially classic, monochrome ones, with maybe just a buckle on them are a good option. Or oxford shoes for colder weather. Some business looks can even include sneakers, but not any sneakers. Classic white or black flat sneakers with nothing on them are the best choices.

Your choice of purse

As well as with the shoes, your purse should be appropriate for work too. Don’t bring clutches, sequined purses, or any other small, fashion purse you own. Instead, invest in a quality shoulder purse or tote that you can wear with many outfits. Brown, black or dark blue, for example, are colors you can pair with many outfits. If you have a laptop to bring, make sure you get one that you can use for that as well.   

Office-friendly beauty tips

With so many makeup trends and experimenting that is going on, it is easy to get carried away and use the same makeup for your work look as well.  Makeup should be soft, pleasant, and only accentuating your features, because natural makeup is what leaves a good first impression. Foundation, bronzer or blush, mascara and a soft pink or nude lipstick are all that you need. As for the hair, it is important that it is always clean and brushed. You can try low or high buns, low pony tails or straightened hair. One more thing is to always have healthy, and good-looking nails, whether with or without nail polish, which should again be of soft colors.

A #girlboss look certainly has some rules you should follow, however, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a perfect outfit that will fit your style as well. Just make sure everything is ironed, clean and appropriate and you are halfway there. For everything else, try to find inspiration in the previous tips.

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by Sophia SS

I am a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, a researcher, a graphic designer and a DIY enthusiast. Lover of basics, white and vintage treasures. Design plays a huge role in my personal expression. Also, I am focusing on minimalism and good quality. Love sharing content that inspires women :)

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