501 tears

I sat on the bench in the dressing room with tears streaming down my face. Tears of anger, frustration and yes, even a dash of self-hatred. A million thoughts raced through my mind about eating better and working out more, and why can’t i just drink more water? why can’t i just be thinner or prettier? What the fuck is wrong with my body that in the whole store they don’t have jeans big enough to fit me? What the fuck is wrong with me? I mean there is, isn’t there? There must be something wrong with me if a billion dollar company doesn’t even carry my size?! It’s 2020… why is this STILL an issue?!

It was a scene I was all too familiar with. An occurrence that had happened many times throughout my life that surely shaped how I feel about myself today. A scene from my childhood flashed into my head at this exact moment: it was my mother watching me pick up a tube top and saying, “we don’t wear things like that. We have a different body than other girls your age.” I was nine.

It’s a scene that I’m sure the majority of you reading are unfortunately very acquainted with as well. Stepping into a store excitedly, eyeing that pair of pants or that beautiful dress, only to realize it wasn’t made for us actual human women. It was made for a hanger. These companies, they cherry-pick who is allowed to represent their brand.

And whether it’s consciously or unconsciously, they are sending a message to us by choosing what sizes to carry and what sizes to not carry. That message is a very clear one and it echoes in my mind like reverb: “we want you to wear our clothes.Yeah you guys, but only up to that one size. Why would we want those other sizes? It would just make us look bad.”

Now, I’m no business owner but, personally if I was running a company, I’d carry all sizes. It just makes sense.

This is the message I get when I go into a famous denim store and they tell me they don’t even carry my size. ME. A fairly physically average woman. I fall right at the tip of regular sizing and the very bottom of plus sizes. We’re made to feel like we were going against the grain by just being US or that our body types aren’t mainstream. That they are rare… but if we’re all having the same issues then, are we really that rare?

We’ve had the idea of this “perfect ideal” body type beaten into our heads since birth. So of course when we are all having the same problem, we can’t see clearly. We’ve had the rose colored glasses on so long that up until now we haven’t been able to put two-and-two together and say: THIS.

This is my message to all these clothing brands. WE ARE MAJORITY. We are the mainstream you’re ignoring. We’re the mainstream you’ve been trying to brush under the rug for so long. You like to pretend that we don’t exist by telling us that we don’t belong on a runway. Or that we should “go to that plus size store”.

Darling companies, you are so behind on the times it’s sad. And if you don’t catch up, you will get buried by companies more aware of their customers. You will get buried in the dust of our heels (you know the ones that actually came in our size); companies that think of EVERYONE when they choose their sizing. Because as a clothing company, your target SHOULD BE EVERYONE. We are tired of the exclusion and the snobbery. You are out of touch with us. It is only a matter of time before quite frankly, y’all go up in flames and get put out of business.

So this is a letter of warning and advice from your customers. Please heed this advice seriously and remember: WE ARE THE MAJORITY. We will no longer be ignored or swept under the rug. We aren’t going anywhere.

by LilChicken

Just an arts loving 20 something born into the wrong generation. A hopeless romantic at heart I was destined to pour my heart out via keyboard since birth.

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