6 feet away

      6 feet away
Air of acid rain
Social distancing from the world
The stories we all heard before we were born turning into reality
Giving us the lesson of gratitude, rejuvenation and  our humanity
The fast life turned into isolation of self
Horror movie of bodies falling
Breaking news and so many cries for help
When we cough, sneeze and pass 98.7 do we still stay alive?
The towns are empty full of fear
Masking away the poison
How did the world get here?
Not having our lives in our own hands
Only it to be governed to trump as heroes turn into angels
Wishes being made to find an end to hell that we created
Reminiscing of the moments we were embracing the ones we love the most
Missing the beaches we swam in, the places we ate in, the different parts of world we explored in
Now we feel like animals in cages waiting to feel the wind against our skins
To gain the freedom we took for granted
Pointing fingerings of  the creatures that only see in the nighttime
But this is the pain shown through our creators eyes because all he wanted us was to love ourselves, each other and the take care of the world around us
Now there’s no say on the  next chapter
We are all left with until we see other next time
In the meantime we are six feet away

by Kmartina94

Hi my name is Katharyne Martina, I’m Dominican and Dutch. I’m a Poet and also an Aquarius. Writing has been an escape for me the last couple of years. When I’m in a place of darkness, gratitude, anxiety, happiness etc. writing always come into play. Writing is only time I’m the most transparent because that’s when my feelings are turned into art through words. Red my pieces by following on IG @KATHARYNEPOETRY

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