6 Types of Nursing Careers to Consider

A career in nursing offers job security and benefits, and allows you to feel like you’re working every day to help other people and do something good. But within the world of nursing, there are many different departments and types of jobs to consider, which can make it difficult to pin down the right option for you.

If you know that you want to go into a nursing job but aren’t sure exactly what to specialize in, there are many things to think about. Spending a few days getting some experience in each type of healthcare setting can often help you to make an informed decision.

1.     Children’s Nurse

This is a great career option for people who want to work in nursing and also want to work with children. Working as a children’s nurse, you will work alongside children who have long-term illnesses and health conditions as well as those who have been abused, injured, or are sick in the short term.

Unlike working with adult patients, it is essential to involve parents and carers when working with children. You will have to be able to communicate effectively with people in a kind and caring way. You will also need to know how to respect family members and carers even if there are safeguarding issues or other problems within the family.

2.     Mental Health Nurse

Working as a mental health nurse will give you the chance to see people from all different walks of life. It is also a chance to have a positive impact on people who are struggling or who have been negatively affected by life experiences.

Mental health nurses are not qualified to the same standard as psychologists and psychiatrists when it comes to diagnoses mental health conditions, but they are fully qualified in caring for those who suffer with mental health problems.

Nurses working in the field of mental health will work closely alongside doctors, psychiatrists and other health professionals specialized in mental health to ensure patients receive the care they need.

3.     Skilled Nursing

If you want to help people in long-term care and those coming to the end of their lives, skilled nursing could be a good career option for you.

Spending time volunteering in a skilled nursing home can help you to get better insight into some of the care which is offered. Qualified nurses are always in demand since this unique set of qualities and skills are much needed in the US and around the world.

Nursing services are offered by residential homes and retirement communities such as St Annes Retirement Community. They offer quality care and therapy services by qualified professionals to assist people staying there.

4.     Emergency Nurse

Those who are qualified as nurses and can handle a high-pressure environment could consider working as an emergency nurse.

Most of these jobs are based in the emergency departments of hospitals and other medical institutions. Some emergency nurses are also required to travel to home visits and other site visits with paramedics and doctors.

Emergency nurses are regularly involved in surgical procedures and some of the most extreme physical and mental situations which people find themselves in. Additional training is available to those working in these environments.

5.     School Nurse

Working as a school nurse brings the opportunity to work with children while staying out of hospitals. Nurses often choose this career path after working in a hospital for a few years and deciding it wasn’t the right option for them.

As a school nurse, you will be able to build strong relationships with children. The job is often varied, looking out for the wellbeing and welfare of students while attending to minor cuts and bruises and small fractures on a regular basis.

School nurses also have the opportunity to act as a role model for students who come to see them.

6.     Midwife

Considered one of the most rewarding jobs in the nursing industry, working as a midwife gives you a unique job experience unlike no other.

On a daily basis, you will be able to work with expectant mothers and new mothers, helping them to welcome their new babies into the world.

Midwives often work in a variety of different settings. Before a birth, they help women to prepare for the new baby to arrive. After the baby is born, they can provide invaluable advice and guidance to help the newborn develop.


Choosing the right career in nursing can be a challenge. Explore different options and think about what might suit you best based on the information you have available. Speak to other people in the medical profession about their experiences, and don’t be afraid to change course if the first job or employer you choose isn’t the right one for you.

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