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7 Amazing House Cleaning Hacks Everyone Should Follow

In this modern generation, cleaning the house is posed as a tiring activity that is often forgotten. Over time, dirt, stains, and bacteria build-up, and the next thing you know, they have already caused damage to your most priced items. To prevent this from occurring, it will be wise to check on them and perform amazing house cleaning hacks that don’t require a lot of time and effort to accomplish. Here are six suggestions you can try.

1. Disinfect the bed mattress.

House owners don’t usually wash their mattresses often because it’s a hassle to do. Doing all the washing and drying takes a lot of time, and sometimes when not done properly, dirt, bed bugs, and mildew stay, and so does your problem.

To sort things out, pouring vodka into a spray bottle and lightly spritzing it across your mattress will do the trick. Don’t forget to leave it to air-dry before sleeping on it, so it would be best to do this in the morning right after you wake up. What gives? Alcohol gets rid of the odor-causing bacteria and disinfects the mattress at the same time.

2. Wipe ceiling fans clean with old pillowcase.

If you still have your old pillowcases in the cabinet, it’s a great idea to put them into action. Instead of old rags that are not big enough to clean large objects, old pillowcases are perfect to clean the blades of the ceiling fan. Make sure to turn the fan off before cleaning. Then, step on a chair or ladder and hook your old pillowcase over one fan blade. Wipe it in a backward direction until you’re done with all the fan blades.

3. Revitalize your carpet.

Carpets add glamor to any house, but when not properly maintained, worn-out material and shabby carpets look dull. To keep good quality, avail of carpet cleaning services. If you’re keen to try revitalizing the carpet on your own, mix baking soda with water and generously spread it on affected areas. Let it dry for hours and vacuum.

4. Clean the toilet with vinegar.

Vinegar can be your mighty best cleaning agent as it’s a multipurpose cleaner. Especially when the toilet has not been cleaned for a long time, an awful smell emanates, and this further discourages action to scrub and clean it. The solution is that instead of scrubbing, a mason jar with vinegar can be dropped into the toilet’s water tank upside down. The vinegar seeping out of the Mason jar will keep the toilet clean every time someone uses the flush.

5. Pick up broken glass with bread.

It’s a pain to pick up broken glass or materials that can hurt and cause wounds. Thankfully, people have discovered that white bread can be used as a “magnet” to pick up even the smallest pieces of broken glass and stuff. Do this by pressing a piece of white bread on the area. With that in mind, you don’t have to worry the next time tiny pieces are left on the floor after sweeping it clean.

6. Clear out air vents with a knife.

When was the last time you cleaned your air conditioner? Most forget that it’s not right to inhale all the accumulated dirt from the A/C’s air vent. The fast way to clean it is with a butter knife that’s wrapped around a damp towel.

7. Less Garbage.

If you buy fewer things in the shops, then you will later have less garbage. It’s really that simple. Only buy what you really need. For instance, if you are purchasing fresh produce to eat, do so for the next few days maximum, instead of buying lots that will perish and need to be thrown away.


No matter how beautiful your interior design is or no matter how big space you have in the house, things won’t look as presentable if they remain unclean and messy. The problem is that most people nowadays are not fans of cleaning. However, it is still important to learn and appreciate its value. Take the time to work on organizing your stuff in wise ways that are even easier than winning a battle on a complicated computer game. You know you won’t regret it.

by paulmera

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