7 Reasons Why Rejection Isn’t As Bad As You Think

As someone who’s attempting to break into the creative industry, let’s face it: rejection is inevitable. In fact, it was a recent rejection that motivated me to write this piece because quite frankly, I’m a tad cheesed off from reading the carefully constructed and ever so punitive let-you-down-gently expression, “we regret to inform you… blah…blah…unsuccessful…blah…”  These words are like being slapped in the face with a cold damp dirty dishcloth.

“LIFE’S SO UNFAIR,” you whine. Of course it is. So pull yourself together.

Step 1: Have a cup of tea and maybe a chocolate biscuit—wait—DEFINITELY a chocolate biscuit.

Step 2: Yell the following four formidable letters aloud: N E X T!

Because ultimately, it’s how we deal with rejection that determines our future. Whether it’s a relationship gone awry or a career knock-back, I urge you to read below the seven reasons why rejection is not as bad as you think:

  1. If we were winning and being accepted all the time, what would be the fun in that? Winning would soon become ordinary and mundane, resulting in a meaningless life because we would never need to fight for anything.
  2. Rejection tests the mettle of our spirit. We may think we want something, but occasionally our ego tricks us into believing we desire something we do not. Rejection whittles out the weeds (the competition) to see if we’re ready and waiting at the end of the season with our petals still in bloom.
  3. Rejection is the cruelest yet most stimulating teacher, forcing us to reflect and learn from our mistakes. This is imperative to later development and maturity.
  4. Rejection helps us evolve into our best selves like Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother enabling us to fathom our hearts.
  5. Rejection is written in the stars. I’m a firm believer in fate, so if it wasn’t meant to be, it simply wasn’t. It’s not your time yet, but it will come. Outside forces are at play and we are not responsible for every disaster or triumph.
  6. Rejection improves our unhealthy responses to rejection and handling it becomes a skill. For example, think how far we’ve come from being toddlers. Remember when you were denied the right to play with that toy? And oh, how you did cry and stomp and scream and shout. Well, you’re an adult now, which means no tantrums (I hope). That counts as progress—right?
  7. Lastly, rejection may place us on our rightful path, whether we continue to pursue the same passions or different ones. Either way, there will be success, and when you get there, all those hundreds or maybe even thousands of rejections will make that single acceptance all the sweeter.

I hope my words made you feel better. Now go forth and never give up. (Queue Haim’s song ‘Falling’)


Author : Gabriella
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adventure ・ forever curious ・ truthseeker

?debut novel release 2018
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by Gabriella Tavini

✏︎ w r i t e r
adventure ・ forever curious ・ truthseeker

?debut novel release 2018
? writing in Manchester, England


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3 responses to “7 Reasons Why Rejection Isn’t As Bad As You Think

  1. Great article! I totally agree, and you never learn anything if you’re always so focused on being “right”- keep it up, your writing is awesome!

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