7 Things Qatar Is Most Known For

For people who’ve never visited Qatar, it can be a place shrouded in mystery.

However, news articles here and there have provided some interesting titbits that make this Middle Eastern country standout from other alternative destinations in the region.

Here are seven things that Qatar is most known for.

  1. Highest per capita income in the world

One measurement of prosperity in a country is the per capita income – a way to value the average income per person in a country.

The wealth is centered more around the capital, Doha, where riches are certainly most evident. Yet, it’s not just the super-wealthy who live in the country – plenty of wealthy ex-pats choose to live here too, thanks to the enviable lifestyle on offer.

  1. World largest exporter of LNG (liquified natural gas)

What escapes many people’s notice is that Qatar is a major energy player and not what you might expect.

Rather than being huge in the oil space alone, it’s more impressive in liquefied natural gas as the largest global LNG exporter. Many other countries rely on this source of energy, making Qatar a vital partner.

  1. The most-watched news channel in the middle east (Al Jazeera)

Move over CNN!

It’s Al Jazeera which is the most frequently watched news channel in the Middle Eastern region. Also, it’s widely watched in Asia as well for its broad coverage that’s not overly US-centric, as American news channels tend to be.

  1. No taxes and free universal healthcare for anyone in the country

For residents in the country, there are no taxes to pay. This is welcome news to people who move there from abroad.

Also, the healthcare system is second to none. Everyone receives universal healthcare at no cost. That’s welcome to anyone worried about the rising cost of medical care abroad.

  1. Host of the FIFA World Cup in 2022

Many people will become even more familiar with Qatar through the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

It’s running in 2022, with the best footballers from around the world braving the heat to attempt to reach the final and win for their country. Widely televised, hosting the FIFA World Cup will bring greater prestige, exposure, and tourism revenue to Qatar.

  1. Fastest growing city on earth

Doha is the fastest growing city right now. The country is not far behind either.

While China grabs the headlines for a fast growth rate, many others see this smaller Middle Eastern country beat them out, especially in their capital city.

  1. Expats everywhere – 90% of the population are not native Qataris

Contrary to what you might think, Qatar sees many ex-pats from around the world making a beeline to the country. So much so that only 10 percent of the population are native Qataris.

Therefore, friendly faces are likely to come from many places around the world. To get a culturally rich experience, it’s necessary to seek it out from local Qataris. It’s especially worth tracking down some local and regional dishes that aren’t seen on many restaurant menus aimed at foreign visitors.

The Hello Qatar website provides mouthwatering clues into the cuisine, culture, working, and day-to-day life there. Plenty of the delicious local food dishes are available with online ordering through Talabat, Rafeeq, and Urban Point delivery apps too.

There are also plenty of shopping malls and the like for some retail therapy.

Perhaps you’re surprised at just how many things Qatar is known for. There are others, but these are the most interesting ones.

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