8 Simple Tips to Keep Your Pets Hydrated

Hydration is essential for keeping your body healthy. In addition, pets need to be hydrated at all times. Let us take a very close look at eight simple tips to keep your pets hydrated.

1. Signs of Dehydration

To start things off, know some basic signs of dehydration. These signs can range from sweating profusely to a lack of energy during the day. When your pet shows these signs, you’ll know to give them water right away. Dogs and cats might also wag their tails anxiously while they await water.

2. Water Filters

Next in line, water filters are amazing for keeping pets hydrated. For example, Big Berkey water filters provide your pets with purified water during the hottest summer days. Because this water has been filtered and cleaned, your pets will be eager to drink until they are perfectly hydrated.

3. Bring Water on Outings

In the grand scheme of things, you want to bring water with you on outings with your pet. When you go hiking, you always bring water for yourself because you never know whether there will be fountains on the trail. Similarly, you should prepare for your pet. A backpack is great for storing multiple bottles of water. You can also use a hydration pack for yourself to keep your hands free for your pet.

4. Cool Off

While cooling off has nothing to do with water intake, it’s a crucial step to hydration. A cool body means that your pet can retain water for hours on end. Move your pet to the shade instead of underneath the burning sun. At the very least, give them an option to find shade as necessary. A pen or cage that is fully underneath the sun doesn’t give your pet the freedom to move about.

5. Add Water to Food

Adding water to food is a great way to hydrate pets who are otherwise resistant to water. Mix their food with a little bit of water to create a slushy substance. They’ll still enjoy the delicious taste of the food while hydrating at the same time. In addition, this can make certain foods easier to digest overall. You’re probably familiar with hard biscuits and feed that don’t break down easily.

6. Give Fresh Water

Freshwater is always better for hydration than dirty water. While there might be water on your daily walk with your pet, it could take the form of an unclean puddle. You don’t really know what sort of mud and debris is in the puddle, so you’re better off with carrying a water bottle for your pet once again.

7. Know Your Pet

Different pets require different levels of hydration. Within a species, different breeds also require individual attention. Do some research on your type of pet and their needs. After a time, you’ll notice patterns in their hydration and when they desire water the most. By considering all of the above factors, you’ll be able to easily achieve proper hydration.

8. Check the Weather

Last but not least, check the weather before heading out. If it is a particularly sunny day, you’ll need extra water than an overcast day. Don’t underestimate the effect that the sun can have on hydration for both you and your pet. Moreover, just because it is raining, it doesn’t mean your pet doesn’t need water. There is a big difference between water on their skin and proper hydration via the mouth.



When all is said and done, these are a couple of simple tips to keep your pets hydrated. Hydrated pets are happier, healthier, and more active in your home. Follow these tips to provide your pets with adequate hydration on a daily basis.

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