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8:30 this morning…

I dreamed of a wedding.

I saw two people obsessed with each other.

The bride was smiling.

The groom was smiling.

And all the guests were smiling at the happy couple.

They are just so perfect for each other.

The rest of us peasants could only dream of

finding a love so pure and magical like they have.

I mean look at the way the groom gazes upon

his bride like a starving puppy begging for scraps.

She is so lucky to have a man salivate over her

the way that he does.

Now that is a power couple right there.

Oh wait. Neptune is in Pisces.

So things are a bit hazy at the moment.

And many of us are struggling to see clearly.

That’s why no one has noticed the bride

screwing the bartender in the DJ booth for the past hour

or the groom sobbing on the floor and puking

all the rum shots he had this evening.

Seriously did no one think to question the lack of music

or why puddles of tears and vomit suddenly appear

on the floor every five minutes?

No? I’m not surprised.

It’s much easier to put on a smile and pretend that

everyone is having a fantastic time.


I sure hope that the suit and dress can be dry cleaned.

And if not

it’s still a glorious day to celebrate true love.

by Gabild

The first time I wrote a poem, I cried because I had no words to say. Now I write poetry because I have no words to say when I cry.

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