A beautiful mess


When I tell you I don’t care

Please believe me,

I don’t

And if you thought you could break me down

And I’d still be here,  I won’t

You’ve made me feel suffocating, rather than a breath of fresh air

You’ve made me feel as if your life would be better if I weren’t there

You killed my confidence

Made me feel unwanted


Like I was in it all alone

Like I was on both ends of the phone line talking to myself

You made me feel like I’ve wasted my time

And to me

Time wasted is lethal

And I never needed you, or anyone for that matter

But you were something I wanted so damn bad

I was so soft.

So caring

So full of life

Once upon a time

Now I’m just a beautiful mess

That’s been broken beyond repair

by prodbyjuuuice

My name is Shanelle Franceschi, I’m 22 and I’m a Starbucks barista. I love writing, mostly poetry. I love creating In general. I plan on going back to school and being a student in fashion styling. I’m normally very shy but I want what I have to say to get out there.

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