A constant state of more

When you cross through me
you take what you can carry
it isn’t much
I am in a constant
state of more

it is the taking
not the absence
that stings
taking and giving
my ideas
my dreams
my voice
to your chosen
witnessing his
moment in the spotlight
I made it shine

you’ll come again
take what you can carry
it won’t be much
I contain galaxies
hillsides blanketed in flowers
moments and movements and memories
innovation infinitely mirrored and multiplied
I am in a constant state of more

and you are just a thief

by kate.hilderbrandt

I am addicted to potential and black coffee. I live in Atlanta, GA, where you can find me enjoying every tasty bite of the local food culture, playing at the dog park with my puppy, Rosie, picking up heavy barbells, and asking deep questions that move people toward their goals. I'm a poet and writer, as well as a life coach for women. I'm energized by new ideas, and even more thrilled when I can help you realize yours in the context of a life that is expanding.


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