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A Feeling Of Home

Home is the fresh aroma of pork roll on an early Sunday morning as my mother calls us to the table. The smell of coffee and orange juice lingering, as breakfast sandwiches are being assembled. The symbolic sense of familiarity with what matters most to us, the families’ sensation around the table, brings me immense joy. It’s a simple word that holds such power. To some, home is an escape from the outside world. It’s a place that’s not only physical but cognitive. To most, the family can be defined as an emotion. A precious recollection of childhood that chisels you into the person you are, or who you are becoming. Autumn nights are when it truly feels alive. The first few tumbles of leaves as they are about to change colors. The late-night strolls through the city where the air is as crisp as the morning.

The constant scattering of my best friend’s boyfriend, Chris, trying to find wood to start a bonfire, while my friends and I watch and sip our spiked cider. Katie, the best friend, hurrying to get the appetizers out of the oven and her brother rushing to help Chris. He looks at us jokingly,” You know you can help if you want,” but we all know we won’t. Home has a lot to do with the people you surround yourself with as well. While the fall bonfire scene on a cold fall night provides comfort, the people encircled by the fire do too. 

However,  it wasn’t until recently that I realized the significance of these people’s presence in my life. They’re the ones that make you know that the concept of home isn’t just a place or immediate family. The people who are always there through the breakdowns and the love I have for Bucks County are never-ending fromageries, and most honorably, your downfalls. The exact joy that radiates when with my friends, but for different reasons. The smells take me back to similar moments. The fragrance mushed its way into the brain, and it’s become attached to experiences. 

The average size county always buzzing for adventure now feels so homey. Growing up, especially in high school, I would complain that it was such a flat area. I yearned for the day I’d be as far away as possible. It’s kind of ironic that I talk about it so highly. The city is less than forty minutes away; there’s always pork roll, cheesesteaks, and WaWa around. There’s the feeling of anticipation on the way to The Linc or Wells Fargo to see a concert. Harry Crews moved around a bunch and experienced different things in new areas, but I can understand how his first home will always be defined as his ” homeland.” It’s the place that shaped him into the person he became, and it carries a sentimental value. Unfortunately, I had to move away from home even to begin to understand that sediment. I had felt trapped in my thoughts and routines. I was overcome with twelve-hour work shifts and training. My mental health placed college on the back burner; mentally, life took over; life is weird. It can be the most beautiful and vibrant, yet, it can be dark and vile. It keeps you on your toes, that is for sure. 

In conclusion, the concept of home can have various translations. It can be places, sounds, scents, and just people. Home is a sense of comfort and stability. A place that molds your character and helps you blossom into who you are. Not everyone is going to have the same stance as me, and that’s fine. I don’t even know if I completed this assignment right, but that’s life. It is better in that aspect. Can you imagine if everyone had the same thoughts and feelings about their ”homeland?”I could never imagine a world or person that boring.

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by megg_maureen

Hi i’m Meg! I’m currently at Bloomsburg studying english/ creative writing! In my free time I love to write( duh), hang out with friends, watch movies, and attend concerts!! 😊