A Fresh Start

It is the beginnings of a new year chance for a clean slate and a chance to start over. In 2020 we learned so much about our humanity the struggles that we had to face and the misery that came with it. What was supposed to be the start of the roaring twenties 2.0 filled with adventures turned out to be the opposite. It wasn’t what any of us had anticipated or had hoped for I never thought 2020 was gonna be so awful that we will be afraid of one another because of a deadly disease. I had plans to travel right before the pandemic hit but canceled it amid the start of the pandemic. In 2021 maybe ill get to travel the world when things get better. There is no better feeling than being up in the clouds and seeing new places. We should see 2021 as a time for a fresh start for new opportunities, adventures, and a time for healing. There is a rainbow at the end of the rainstorm and it’s shining so bright. It’s never the end of the story it’s the beginning of a new one. In each story, we need to face the challenges head-on and be strong. When you think of 2021 think of a new beginning and don’t remanence of how bad or messed up 2020 was. You need to move forward not backward and in the end, if you believe it with all your heart it will come true. My biggest hope for 2021 to not be as bad as 2020 and for hope happiness and adventure.

by mspeguero98

I am a young college student lifestyle blogger and aspring rising star born and living in the heart of ny.
I've been a blogger since I was 16 and launched a tiny little blog on blogger known as stephanie as a high school writer. When I entered college in 2016 I turned blogging a hobby and passion into a career. I love to write and read. I also love to travel and love interacting with people everyday is an new adventure. My favorite things to do aside from writing and interacting with people is to act and bake. I Have a strong passion for theatre art and baking really good sweets. My favorite sweets are vanilla golden cupcakes and my favorite food is pizza. I'm also a huge romantic and believe love is the greatest thing to exist in our universe.


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