A Guide To Finding The Best Skiing Slopes in Canada

Canada is one of the best countries to visit during the winter. The skiing slopes there are simply amazing—and there is something for everybody. In other words, whether you’re an adrenaline junky or just traveling with your family, this beautiful country has a place just for you. Here are some of the best Canadian skiing slopes at your disposal:

1. Whistler Ski Resort

This is probably the best-known Canadian ski resort—one that’s famous all around the world. And for good reason, too. The mountain peaks of Blackcomb and Whistler together make the biggest ski area in North America, allowing you to spend more than a week skiing or snowboarding without repeating the route. If you’re planning to go with your family, there are other numerous activities offered, including spa, zip lines and snow tubing, as well as ski schools for kids and beginners.

There’s also plenty of other accommodations, so there’s an option for every budget and every purpose—you can find accommodation in the very center of the buzz or in a quiet apartment to enjoy with the family.

2. Silver Star Mountain Resort

If you’re looking for a family resort, this might be the destination for you. Enjoy a nice walk with the kids through a cute village in the base of the slopes, looking at colorful buildings around you. The terrain on the mountain is diverse, so there are routes for both experienced skiers and beginners, although there is slightly less terrain for the inexperienced ones. Excellent snow quality is what the mountain is famous for, as it snows there frequently and the snow is powder-like. Most people who visit this resort stay at Silver Star, where it’s easy to find suitable accommodation.

3. Lake Louise Ski Resort

Lake Louise is located in the center of the Rocky Mountains, offering fascinating views of the surrounding mountains and numerous slopes. The adrenaline junkies and the families will be pleased here, as it’s a resort perfect for anybody’s taste. It’s important to note that this ski resort doesn’t offer on-site accommodation. Still, there are excellent facilities provided there, including great restaurants with a wide offer of food. The accommodation can be found in the village of Lake Louise, in the proximity of the resort, or you can go to the nearby town of Banff, known for its rich nightlife and a variety of bars and restaurants.

4. Big White Ski Resort

Another great resort that boasts excellent powder-like snow and abundance of different terrains. Most of the routes are perfect for intermediate skiers, but both beginners and experienced skiers can find what they need here. It’s a 2,600-acre terrain, so no wonder it’s on the list of most popular snow holidays in Canada—there’s so much to see there. It’s a lovely family resort located in the Okanagan Valley, offering ski-in and ski-out lodging, too. The sole view from the slopes there will be worth the travel.

5. Revelstoke Mountain Resort

This is a ski resort that’s a bit more difficult to reach, as it will take you a 2.5-hour drive from the city of Kelowna to get there. However, its advantage is that it’s never too crowded, so both parents and kids can really enjoy themselves there. The terrain is excellent with powder-like snow. It’s also the largest vertical slope in Canada offering almost everything, from beginner routes to tree runs and open bowls, but also the opportunity to enjoy long hikes. The accommodation in the town of Revelstoke is more than affordable, while the scenery is breathtaking. There isn’t too much fuss going on there, so no wonder that skier enthusiasts and families always go back to this destination.

6. Sun Peaks

This is the second largest ski resort in Canada, but surprisingly relatively unknown outside the country. The terrain spreads over three mountains, so it’s no wonder it’s everybody’s cup of tea. You can try tree skiing, cruisers, as well as steeps. However, the main focus of this ski resort is the beginners’ and intermediate routes, so families prefer this destination among others. You can find lovely accommodation at the base of the slopes, in a village reminiscent of the European countryside. The facilities provide you with everything you need, ensuring maximum comfort.

Canadian wild beauty is one of a kind. The list above will allow you to enjoy it fully, so the only thing you need to do now is to take your pick and book accommodation. Just think of what your goal is and you’ll find the right ski resort for you and your family.

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by LeilaDorari

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