Mental Health

A Harmonious Capture

As my body sways, my thoughts are empty.
As my voice shakes, my soul is filled.
I have somehow been captured by the same beat that freed me.
My body is now contained by the controlling strum and hymn.
Finally. Finally I’m allowed to breathe, I’m allowed to breathe heavy, to let my heart control my mind.
My body kept swinging lightly to the rhythm of musics soul.
Nothing mattered but the joy that flooded the draining thinker whom sat inside me.
Finally. Finally bliss is felt from within which has been longing to see light.
How could my mind and body be so captured by the simplest of sounds, yet while in captivity, be so free?

by madelinemichaels

Writing became a way for me to comprehend this world and the experiences that go along with it. I hope in sharing an interpretation of this world people will feel known and realize their thoughts are normal. My words have been kept in a box for far too long and they need to be released.

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