A Love I Didn’t Have to Work For (Finally)

I used to believe that I had to bend and break myself to get the kind of love only God was capable of. The unconditional kind. The kind that sees you at your lowest and can’t imagine not embracing you when you cry. The kind of love that sets you free. It watches over you to make sure you’re alright but lets you be. Men creating safe spaces for women to be nurturing. For women to be themselves and embrace every power they were born with. I have never met a love even remotely close until you held me and didn’t let go. I didn’t know what I was doing but it didn’t matter at that moment. You reassured me that I’d figure it out. That you knew I’d be okay. You sealed a lifetime of open wounds in a matter of minutes that night. I know it is my job to heal myself and my job to pray and meditate. It is my job to do the work and put myself in the right place. It is my job to make sure I am around the energy that creates that space. That night you said you were honored that I even felt safe. That night, you just listened to me. That night, I learned about grace.

by KneiayraCM

I am 21 years old. I have been writing since I was 6 years old because it was easier for me to communicate and organize everything that was going on inside my beautiful mind. I want to use this platform as a means of starting to trust myself and the gifts I have been given. I would love to begin a career in writing beautiful pieces in magazines. Creating spoken word songs and more! Im really looking forward to delving into this medium seriously as it has been sort of my life for so long.


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