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A Moment for Yourself: Learn About Tantra

So, as you must be wondering – what is tantra in the first place? While most people consider it a sexual thing, in reality, it’s more about connecting; regardless of whether we’re talking about connecting with a partner or connecting with yourself. 

If you take a look at the etymology of the word “tantra”, you’ll gain another essence into the point of the practice; this ancient Sanskrit word means “weaving energy” or “web”. In practice, though, it’s a spiritual and sexual state that’s designed to transcend the usual experiences by helping people engage in extremely intimate, spontaneous, and meditative sex. 

Getting To Know Your Body

Similarly to yoga, for example – tantra is all about the combination of spiritual and physical awareness. While some consider it nothing more than a form of erotic massage; you’ll soon realize that it’s far more than that. 

As you start practicing and learn about tantra, you’ll become far more in-tune with yourself and your body; you’ll start to be more aware of how you experience pleasure, and what makes you happy. Because of that, you’ll be able better suited to fulfilling your body’s needs – even when you’re not doing tantra. And, realistically speaking – the energies you’ll channel and unleash during tantric sex definitely intensify the orgasm. 

Being In Tune With Your Partner’s Body

When we’re talking about tantra, you need to realize that it’s not just about achieving a higher level of connection between your mind and your body. It’s also about building a more harmonious, deeper connection with your partner of choice. 

As you partake in tantra, your partner and you will slowly learn to raise your level of physical awareness; you will be spiritually connected like never before, letting joint energy flow between you, as part of a bond that will last you beyond the mere sexual encounter. Plus, tantra lets you expand and explore the many different aspects of your and your partner’s personalities; a truly introspective journey, teaching you to everything important there is to know about someone else and yourself. 

Broaching The Subject Of Tantra

If your partner has not tried tantra yet, you may have anxiety about broaching the subject with them. As many sex empowerment coaches will tell you, you must be careful not to overwhelm the other person with an abundance of information right away. At first, try to explain how practices that are a part of tantra would do a lot to improve your sexual experience, and thus the mutual relationship in general.

Once you start talking about it, make sure to listen to everything your partner has to say about this. It may not be a hard no or an enthusiastic yes right away; you could go through a process and dialogue before deciding to do it. Regardless of what their response is, take care to respect it and listen to their arguments. 

Preparing Your Mind

Remember – in the first place, tantra is something spiritual – so within this practice, your mind is as important as your body. In fact, practicing tantra means making a meaningful connection between your soul, mind, and body. So, you need a completely clear mindset in order to achieve this; as well as a preparedness to leave your comfort zone – thereby actually expanding it. 

If you’re not well-versed in tantra practice, you may want to spend about 15 minutes in careful meditation first; this is also something that experienced tantra teachers do, not just beginners. Such meditation allows you to make your mind prepared for tantra; ready to be introspective, allowing you to examine your own viewpoints and random thoughts.

With this in mind, focus on your breathing to become better at tantra. Have regular half-hour breathing exercises, where you breathe slowly all the way to your lower back and belly; allowing you to become aware of what’s truly on your mind – regardless of whether it’s day to day stress of a need to fulfill physical desires. 

Preparing Your Surroundings

Tantra is definitely a holistic meditative practice; not specifically about the orgasm or the sex, but about the journey, you take to that point. With that in mind, remember that everything is weaved into this, including your environment. In fact, your environment will prove to have a major impact on your ability to adjust your mindset and enjoy the ride.  

So, how do you fine-tune your surroundings for the best possible tantra? Firstly, you need to be certain that you’ve got a cozy temperature in your room. This depends on the weather outside; if it’s cold, you want the heat to be on for some time before you begin with the tantra. On the other hand, warm weather dictates cooler interior conditions for tantra; though not too cold, as you still need to be able to relax.  

Also, we recommend setting the mood with lighting as well; visually there’s really nothing more important. Feel free to use aesthetically placed tinted light bulbs or candles. Combine these in order to strike the mood you want; bearing in mind that candles add an air of romance to the room, while red bulbs will give everything a more sensual vibe. 

Of course, visuals aren’t the only human feeling you’re interested in. Having your favorite scent in the space is crucial too; so feel free to use as much essential oil, incense sticks, or scented candles you feel comfortable with; though take care not to make an overwhelming smell. 


As you can see, with tantra it’s all about the vibe of your space, and your own feelings as well. You want your own mindset to be as relaxed and approachable as your surroundings; fill the latter with plenty of plush cushions and throw blankets.



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