A Moth is a Butterfly, Too.

Sweet girl, listen to my plea:
All those things you wish to be, 
Are only things the eye can see.
Never will they set you free;
A fishing boat in an endless sea. 
Sweet girl, don’t curse your skin:
I know you wish to be model thin,
To fix your smile or nose or chin. 
But not eating makes your head spin;
Hurting yourself is your greatest sin. 
Sweet girl, overcome your fears:
I know there’s pressure from your peers, 
To show more skin and drink more beers.
But I promise you it’s not worth the tears;
None of this will matter in twenty years.
Sweet girl, if only you knew:
So much beauty lies within you,
As well as the courage to stay true.
Labels are just words that people spew;
After all, a moth is a butterfly, too. 

by Brianna Magner

Hi there, I’m Bri! I’ve always felt like I didn’t quite fit in throughout my life, as if I wasn’t meant to be defined or labeled or be put into a box. When I started writing, whether poetry or prose, I found it pouring out of me into rhyme schemes and well-versed metaphors and alluring alliteration. My life is sometimes messy and complicating, but it’s mine. Welcome to the poetry of a moth. x


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