A new Chapter starting

A New Chapter Starting

You are a mystery

A rubex cube scattered  untouched

A riddle waiting to be solved

A flame that never dims

A infinite summer

A fairytale coming true

Imperfectly perfect

Your a glass wine while listening to Jazz type of vibe

Your the violins being played in my favorite love song

Your a crescent moon

With a full sky of stars

A magical soul that’s feeds my mind and fills my heart

You are sunset and a sunrise

Your love without hate

Your happiness without pain

Your artwork in a museum

Your R&B touching my old school soul

Your a prayer being answered

a new chapter starting


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by Kmartina94

Hi my name is Katharyne Martina, I’m Dominican and Dutch. I’m a Poet and also an Aquarius. Writing has been an escape for me the last couple of years. When I’m in a place of darkness, gratitude, anxiety, happiness etc. writing always come into play. Writing is only time I’m the most transparent because that’s when my feelings are turned into art through words. Red my pieces by following on IG @KATHARYNEPOETRY

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