A new one

I could write a poem about

The dance our tongues did

About how I reached for your hand and

That was the only sign you needed to


I could write a poem about

The way your eyes are oceans and

Are so deep set in your face it

Makes you wise beyond your years or

I could write about how you held my neck

How you asked me to let my hair down

How you wanted to have a conversation

How we talked and how it was lovely

But I’d rather write a poem about

The appeal of your face because

When I looked at it

In the dark, straining my eyes

I was intent on memorizing every line and curve and your smile

Let me write a poem about

Remembering you into me

by Anapio

American born to Brazilian parents who made sure I knew where I came from. Returned to the US after 13 years living by the equator and struggled to adapt to the cold -- in the weather and in the way people relate to each other. A storyteller striving to voice my perceptions of culture, love, life, and community through words.

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