A New Song to Sing

Sadness has a sound. 
It is quiet.
If you listen closely, though, it is there.

Sadness is pulsating.
Its sound comes and goes,
crashing onto the shore when you least expect it.

Sadness is insistent.
It lets out a deep groan—from the pits of its belly.
Like a hunger pain that will not go away.

Sadness is piercing.
Its pitch so high that you cannot ignore
the way that it makes your ears tingle.

Sadness is deafening.
It makes itself heard.
It keeps you from hearing anything else.

But, do not be fooled.
Sadness wants you to forget.
There are other sounds.

Happiness has a sound, too.
It is sweet.
And if you open your ears, it is here.

Happiness is thundering.
It spreads rapidly—
like dandelions in an untamed field.

Happiness is steady.
like the even beat of your mother’s heart.

Happiness is boisterous.
Coming from all directions
as the whole room laughs along with you.

It is easy to be misled by the sound of sadness.
Her song is compelling—
she makes you want to sing it with her.

But I do not know the lyrics anymore.
Happiness has taught me
a new song to sing—

And I like its melody.

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by SidneyRancour

Student. Writer. Lover of Chips and Queso.

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