A New York State of Permanence

I stared at the screen in shock.

I had just received a message that my barista at the coffee shop I love, who I expected to see over my birthday-weekend-rendez-vous with the city, quit the other day.

As I sat on the 3 train I thought about the concept of permanence. I love New York with all my heart, but each and every time I return something is different.

Friends switch apartments.

The little yogurt shop on MacDougal Street closes down.

The café in the Lower East Side no longer exists.

I plan to move to the city at the end of the summer, and I always thought I would be able to find an apartment that works, and stay a while. I thought I would finally settle in the city I adore, hang up my posters and my pictures and feel, for the first time in a long time, permanent.

But is it possible to be permanent in a city that lacks permanence? The more I come back to New York, the more I notice how much it evolves, and how often people leave.

With so many people coming and going, the city is constantly changing.

It makes me wonder, will I become impermanent? Will I slip into the city madness and the cracks of the sidewalk and become obsolete?

A New York state of mind, a New York state of permanence.


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by Sydney Lapin

A self-proclaimed travel foodie, Sydney prides herself in finding the perfect spots to wine and dine. Her friends often text her for food and travel advice, and she happily provides intel on her favorite foods and sights. A detailed planner, Sydney manages to create agendas that allow time for sight-seeing, but also time for sitting in coffee shops and absorbing the local culture of a place. Sydney has traveled to over 12 different countries, mostly in Europe, and can’t wait to see more. She takes her camera with her wherever she travels, and loves to capture “world-stopping” moments.

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