A Poem on Quarantine

Winter was not quite yet spring,

when that year took a turn.

And at first, she felt hopeful,

about all the lessons she might learn.

But as spring remained, she found,

the conditions did not change.

And spring used to make her feel brand new,

but this year wasn’t the same.

But she learned even more than before,

to look for the little things of each day.

Like coffee in the morning,

and light through the window pane.

She burnt through all her candles,

and formed callouses on her hands,

From writing her thoughts in journals,

as she crossed out all her plans.

Spring turned into summer,

but she felt a gentle peace.

That there could still be joy here,

in this year’s uncertainty.

by Jessieriley17

Just a girl in nursing school who listens to a lot of Taylor Swift, drinks a lot of coffee, and is trying to find a little more beauty in every day.


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