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A Wholesome Self-Care Reset

~A sense of introspection~

We all know and read about resetting, but it’s always important to take what we consider “old” knowledge and revise it, old knowledge can bring new value to our lives and can become the foundation to a stable and healthy life.

To reset is to renew, is to ask yourself what is best for yourself now, is to question if what you have been doing is really what you need and want and if it is working to your advantage. Is to take a deep breath and reflect on how do I feel and what do I need to change. A reset is a way of getting new energy, to get motivated in life and work when life gets boring, hard, or lacks novelty.

In life we experience a peak of motivation and stages of drainage which is perfectly normal, we become less sensitive to the feedback we fall into mindless repetition and it becomes easier to let mistakes slide, you stop thinking of how can I do it in a better way so I can feel better ,so establishing a system for reflection and review is crucial.

Reflection and review allow or enables long term improvement because it makes you aware of your mistakes and it’s like doing a favor to your present and future self, it’s like an act of service to yourself if it’s your love language acts of service; you are building trust in yourself by reflecting and reviewing.

It’s very important to have in mind that this process is not only about being your best it’s about feeling your best, it’s an act of self-connection, so I believe it’s best when it’s done monthly or quarterly  if you want.

Keep in mind that you have to decide which area are you going to reset or if it’s all areas of your life like your physical space, digital space, emotions, with your relationship with yourself or others? So it’s important to take pen and paper to introspect so you reclaim the areas that need special care.


Keep a notebook. Travel with it, eat with it and sleep with it. Slap into it every stray thought that flutters up into your brain.

Jack London

Answer these questions when you are resetting: What went well this month? What didn’t go so well this month? What did I learn? What do I need? Who do I want to become? How do I want to feel?

Am I taking care of my basic needs? How am I living in harmony? Am I living in comfort and beauty? What are the core values that drive my work? Am I living and working with integrity with them? How can I stand manageable and growth-oriented standards in the present and future?

Have integrity reports with yourself, this helps you realize and define what a healthy relationship with yourself looks like? What is a healthy reset on an emotional level? What’s your true self, what’s your ideal self?

It allows you to consider if you living by your values. Reflect on your identity and values

Reflection can bring a sense of perspective but remember It’s important to not get attached to a new reset routine be malleable so you can implement new things in the present or future because life will challenge you, sometimes you will be able to meditate 30 minutes a day but it might come a time where you can only meditate 4 minutes 1once a week or you have to change the routine and this does not make you a failure.

Remember to always practice your power of Choosing, assigning, and deleting my goddesses;

Choose for yourself the best productivity and self-care habits, choose what’s best for you, assign what you want to do more, and delete what no longer serves you. Be the progenitor of your reality, give up the need to struggle and settling for stagnant things, remember a master is in control. A master has a system. A master turns the ordinary into the sacred.

And so must we.


by artandotherstories

Emília Duarte is a Mozambican multidisciplinary artist , she interconnects writing, illustrations and painting. Her art is the ultimate expression of what most presses her mind. She is largely inspired by the beauty of things in her surroundings - details in the built environment-her travels and the relationship individuals have with their objects move her deeply.
The artist has a spontaneous relationship with art, emotional and visual sincerity are crucial; as Picasso said, "I put in my pictures everything I like" and that is exactly what she does.
Writing plays a crucial role in Emilia Duarte's life, it is impossible to think about painting or drawing without writing her emotions or reflections.
Emilia Duarte holds a degree in organizational psychology, a bachelor's degree in clinical psychology, a degree in journalism and has a background in fashion design.


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