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Unfiltered skies on a midsummer’s night warrant my undivided attention. I wonder if God’s intention was to always dress love up in unsoiled linens only to allow me to get close enough to touch the hem of its garment and realize my heart would only know death.

Yet as the sun sets I wonder if tomorrow’s horizon will be any different.

Red and orange hues a metaphor for depressions incandescent pursuit to swallow me whole and while the darkness is tempting this star isn’t done shining so I welcome the night, determined to illuminate all that lies ahead of me.

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by Kennedy Thompson

I've always loved the arts and began writing when I was eight-years old. I believe art is a beautiful way of expressing yourself and an amazing form of therapy be it performing, written or visual. I enjoy traveling, cooking, spending time with friends and family and a good glass of wine.

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