Acknowledging Fear

I’m scared that I’m apathetic at heart.
I’m scared that I’m a bad and selfish person.
I’m scared that I’m a bully to my friends.
I’m scared that I’ve already found true love and left it.
I’m scared that I will never become someone truly great.
I’m scared of my strong desire to become someone truly great.
I’m scared I will live in poverty.
I’m scared I will become rich and be selfish with my money.
I’m scared that I will always feel romantically lonely.
I’m scared that romantic stability and internal, individual growth are mutually exclusive.
(I’m scared that the above is only true because I make it so)
I’m scared that I am super basic and in no way unique.
I’m scared that I’m too unique and no one will ever understand me.
I’m scared of my own inability to notice toxic people in my life.
I’m scared of trusting the wrong people and being taken advantage of, again.
I’m scared that I’m a horrible writer.
I’m scared that no one will ever like my work (what work?).
I’m scared that they will and writing will never be truly personal again.
I’m scared that people will lie and say they like it when they don’t.
I’m scared of caring SO MUCH about EVERYTHING.
I’m scared of finally settling down . . . and then freaking out and leaving.
I’m scared of being manipulated.
I’m scared of being accidentally manipulative.
I’m scared that I will never have my own family.
I’m scared that I will and it will consume all of my personal goals.
I’m scared that I can’t seem to really finish anything.
I’m scared of how hard I feel things, and how quickly it changes.
I’m scared that my fate may not be in my own hands.
I’m terrified that it could be.

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by charlotterking

Currently preparing to spend 27 months with the Peace Corps in the Philippines. Recently taught environmental education in the Bahamas. I like to read and write and better myself and make the lives of my loved ones easier and happier.


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