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Advantages of Living in Mountain Houses

If you are a nature lover, then a house surrounded by majestic mountains is definitely your thing. Mountains are an escape paradise for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the cities and their monotonous life. Mountains possess a mystic power of soothing one’s soul, body, and mind, and that’s why in some religions, mountains are considered gods. There are many advantages to living in mountain houses. After reading this article, you will start thinking about moving to the mountains. But don’t rush. Before moving to the mountains, do your research and have a proper plan as living in the mountains is no doubt a wonderful experience, but still, some factors can make things difficult. To be on the safe side, here are some mountain home plans you can check on, and select a state of the art, luxurious yet comfortable house plan. 

Advantages of Living in Mountain Houses

Here are some advantages of living in a mountain house. 

  • You will feel that you are on vacation throughout the year, and this is an incredible feeling. You will come across new things every day like unique animals, new birds, and fresh flowers in the mountains. 
  • Living in the mountains will let you have an active lifestyle. You will no longer need to spend a massive sum on a gym membership or personal trainer. You can go hiking, rock climbing, and mountain biking, and skiing every day at any time. 
  • The grand peaks provide you with the luxury of having outdoor activities anytime.
  • The active lifestyle has a direct relationship with good physical and mental health. Besides the active lifestyle, the mountain air is fresh, clean, and free of pollutants that help lower respiratory and heart diseases. The people who are living in the mountains have an above-average life expectancy.   
  •  You can have tons of privacy in the mountains. Isn’t it great to have your own place where you can relax in the peaceful, quiet, idyllic beauty of mountains?
  • The mountains are a natural paradise. You can have unbeatable and breathtaking views every day.  Living in the mountains is an extraordinary experience that you cannot have while living in the big cities.  
  •  The beautiful views and serene atmosphere of the mountains also reduce stress and bring emotional and mental balance. The peaceful environment promotes peaceful sleep that, in return, enhances physical and mental health. 

The process of building a house in the mountains:

Now, as you know the advantages of the houses situated in the mountains, you need to know how to build a house there. 

  • The first step is you have to decide which kind of house you want. Do you want a contemporary modern home, or you want a rustic traditional mountain house?  The design of the house should be like something that complements the natural views of the mountains. For example, there should be oversized windows in the mountain house to enjoy the beautiful scenery. You may use raw material in the design of the house, like stones, wood, and rocks, to give it a natural and warm look. 
  • The second step is to set your budget. Once you are clear about the budget, then it is easy to select a mountain house plan. For setting a budget, you should consider all the costs, for instance, the price of the property, the site work, and the construction cost. 
  •  Then comes finding the land. It is challenging to do construction in the mountains, so you need to find a perfect lot. Keep in mind all the factors that can become a hurdle in your smooth life in the future. Look at the access road and the neighborhood. Cross-check that all the utilities like water and sewer, and septic are accessible to your lot. 
  • The design of the house is essential but keep in mind the harsh weather and terrain of the mountains before building the house.  Consulting a professional builder or a home designer will help you overcome the challenges you encounter while building a house in the mountains. The professional home designer keeps in mind the challenges you can face due to foundation movement, the flood plain regulations, septic problems, wet basements, freezing weather, high winds, damp climates, etc. Hence, while designing a house taking the suggestions from local home designers or builders is also a perfect idea as they are familiar with the area and can accurately foresee future challenges.

Mountain House Plan:

Building a house in the mountains is not like building a house on any ordinary land. You have to consider so many factors like the slope of the lot. When the house is built on the mountain, the builders select a foundation that can anchor the house to the hill. The perfect foundation will not let your home slip because of natural erosion and heavy snow. Another factor to consider is outdoor space. If you live in the mountains and do not have any outdoor space in your house to enjoy the beautiful view, it is like wasting your hard-earned money down the drain. A mountain house must have a treehouse or a deck or a porch or a fire pit etc. 

No matter what the mountain house plan, but living in the mountains is an experience that everyone should have at least once in life.



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