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Harness Magazine believes that freedom of expression equals female empowerment. We exist to help your voice be heard. And once your voice is heard, you hold the energy to empower other women just like you. Through articles, artwork and poetry, Harness is here to be your safe haven. A place to shed the competition, the insecurities. This is a place to rise by lifting others. This is who we are.


Your Passions on the Page.

A true artistic expression of the female community, Harness releases its very own print issue every quarter celebrating the very real and vulnerable stories of women everywhere. Whether poetry, fiction or real accounts of everyday life, each article is designed to be a work of art. Think: beautiful graphics, illustrations, inspirational quotes (hang them on your wall!) and maybe even a bucket list (hey, a girl’s gotta dream, right?). Many of our readers are women ages 18-35 who connect with authentic content—but we’re always inclusive of anyone wanting to read our magazine!

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You Have a Story to Tell.
We Have a Home for It.

In addition to our print issue, Harness is dedicated to creating an online community where everyone’s voice matters. From career advice to love stories, and everything in-between, we post new content from women around the world every single day. When you visit our website, you’ll have the opportunity to read real stories, shop our favorite products, purchase our print issue, join our Member’s Lounge and even become an author, yourself!

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If you’re interested in advertising or collaborating with Harness Magazine, email us at info@harnessmagazine.com. We look forward to hearing from you!