Afraid To Not Be Alone

I’m afraid you’ll try to get close to me and try to get to know me. I’m afraid you’ll try to love me later down the road. This will only make me want to run away but at the same time stay. But I have experiences in that field and it never ends well, at least for me. You see, I’ve tried to love before and everyone that I’ve tried to love has walked away and locked the door. Everyone who has loved me has only done so for a split second then left me wanting more. I’m afraid you’ll manage to get close to me and then lead me to love you and expect it in return. But, because that’s not how it works in real life, I have learned to think twice and decide that it’s better I keep myself closed away where no one can see. I would like it very much to just let go and get the kind of love displayed in fairytales, but as I’ve grown I now know that love is only in fictional stories where the prince gets the princess and they live happily ever after and love for eternity. However, for me, that’s not a reality that I can see happening. So, I’m afraid you’ll try to get close to me, try to get to know me, and try to love me because all it leads to is me falling into yet another trap where I fall deep into your presence and become happy with every day that passes by where it’s we instead of just me only to later be woken up by your abrupt absence and your decision to leave. So, for my sake and my sanity just stay back.

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by words.and.rhythm

She is a "professional" storyteller and artist in more ways than one. She is a girl who has found that the only way she can express herself is through poetic wording, and that's how she prefers it.


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