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Alana Athletica: Empowering Abuse Survivors Through Ethical Fashion


Today we chose to partner with Alana Athletica, a new start-up that designs and develops luxurious yoga-inspired active-wear made with a cause – to empower women abuse survivors.

It all started with an idea, a desire to give back to deserving communities in underprivileged areas. Just a year ago, the team at Alana Athletica was traveling the world (with jobs in management consulting and fashion design) collecting new friends and experiences, but first-class travel, elite hotels, and expensive meals weren’t going to cut it for Chen, Az, Amanda, and Juan.

Coming from different countries and very humble roots, the Alana team was convinced that their future efforts (both personal and professional) needed to serve a greater purpose – to give back, support, and empower others. After years of courage and planning, paired with market research and plenty of conviction, the founders joined forces to start their dream, Alana Athletica. They immediately knew that their ultimate goal wasn’t just to create a high-quality yoga pant, but to use a high-quality product as a vehicle to support the empowerment of women.

This gave rise to their partnership with Emerge Global, a non-profit organization in Sri Lanka that supports abuse survivors and shares the same vision as Alana, which is women deserve to feel confident, supported, and empowered. In collaboration with Emerge, Alana is creating a safe and enabling work environment to empower these young abuse survivors with the education and opportunities needed to support themselves – these beautiful women are joining Alana’s production team and receiving apparel training, counseling, mentoring, and employment.

14 sketches, 4 prototypes, and untold hours and fittings later, the result is a socially responsible yoga pant that does everything a woman actually needs it to do while in style and at an affordable price point!

Alana Athletica hopes the unique product, paired with a mission to create a global community where women promote unity, safety, and confidence by supporting one another, will drive growth and success in the market.

Some of the amazing features of the yoga pant include: a heat activated graphic which appears as your body temperature rises, allover moisture-wicking fabric with an antibacterial gusset for your most active days, 3-way folding waistband for customizable comfort and style; and much more!

Alana launched its first product line on Kickstarter.com less than two weeks ago, and has already raised $30K! To view their campaign and support their mission, visit them here: Alana Athletica

alana athletica

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