Always Put Your Soul First

Your soul speaks.

Every time something feels off, or out of our character, it lets you know. 

It is tired.

Often, we don’t give our soul space to breathe when it is in desperate need of healing. We put ourselves aside and search for the next thing that can quench our thirst when, in reality, our soul needs us to sit. And listen. The meaning of self-love can be mistaken as being what we give ourselves on the outside, but the most tedious love is worked on from within you.

In times of confusion, I have sat by myself and wondered where I can get answers and where I can escape to. When a failed attempt at love surfaces, when we are rejected, when our hopes fail us more than once, we must learn to step aside from what has caused a bruise from within. When we do not tend to internal wounds, our external world suffers a bit more. Our unattended hurt always come from within. This is the space where you can curate the deepest meaning to self-discovery. The space in which healing occurs. This is why I began to put my soul first every single time. In every single situation. I believe it is essential to bring your soul on the journey of acceptance, just as you do so with your flaws and insecurities. I have made a list of routines that can help when bringing healing to your soul.

1.Teach yourself how to detach from the thoughts someone has made you weigh your worth on. You can do this by writing a daily reminder of the good things you embody.

2. Do a 2-4-week social media cleanse, and do things out in the open. For example, visit a garden with someone you love, and talk to your thoughts.

3. Do not re-read old messages/reminders. Discard anything that hurts you.

4. Make a playlist with worship songs or soft melodies, and listen to them before you sleep.

5. If you are in a relationship, let them know how your soul is feeling. Make sure they are aware it is not them, but life, that has brought heaviness into your spirit.

6. Water kindness onto yourself by asking yourself what you need. What is your spirit in need of? Self-love, God, space, silence or all the above?

This may not be the answer to all that you require, because healing our soul is a constant requirement. It is a seed that needs to be watered and tended to in order to sprout angels of genuine self-compassion. Forgive yourself so others may do the same. Your self-love is a form of strength, and your soul is a priority that is forgotten in the chaos of things. Answer its call when it is speaking to you for help. When it is asking for understanding, stay and listen longer. Let yourself flow to the music of long conversations with yourself, reconnecting with places where you were the happiest, reading messages you sent, hearing yourself speak your healing into existence. That is all your soul really needs.




Author: Hilda Coleman
Email: hilda.coleman4@gmail.com
Author Bio: Hilda Coleman is an activist, poet and a writer for Thought Catalog. She lives on the edge of beauty and in-between the chaos of things she writes about being vulnerable as a sign of strength. She believes this is the truth about writers: “We are the brave ones, the ones who take risks in love, and the ones who turn the failed attempts into rich poetry.”
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by Hilda Melissa Coleman

an activist, poet, and writer for Thought Catalog–known as the-girl-with-sad-eyes-but-good-vibes. she lives on the edge of beauty and in between the chaos of things. she sees being vulnerable as a sign of strength. she believes this is the truth about writers: "we are the brave ones, the ones who take risks in love, and the ones who turn the failed attempts into rich poetry."


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