Amma’s Awakening

The first time I visited India with Amma,

I witnessed her awakening.

I saw her true self unburdened

by crippling immigrant labels,

vicious microaggressions,

and conditional freedoms.

She was rippling with confidence, 


and a fierceness 

that left me in awe.

And on that day I realized 

just how much she sacrificed

when she chose to cross oceans for us.

by shruti.murali

I'm an Indian-American poet from Florida. I write about self-love, cultural healing, identity, and the female experience. In my poems, I enjoy personifying my emotions to promote self-awareness. I am mindful about using inclusive language in my writing to reflect all gender identities. Aside from writing, I love listening to R&B, singing, learning the art of the tarot, and trying new fashion trends!


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