An Apology

Dear Legs,
I sincerely apologize for the way I treat you. You’ve carried me across oceans and mountains and stages and studios, and yet I too often neglect to see your beauty, to recognize your strength. I am disappointed in the way I speak about you, how my twisted image of perfection prevents me from seeing yours.
Physical manifestations of my Islander heritage that carry me proudly and dutifully through worlds strange to my ancestors and often to myself, you rarely miss a beat. And you are always on beat, swaying me, sashaying, jumping and gliding with grace. My beautiful soft, strong legs. I’m sorry for not appreciating all that you bear for me and from the verbal and physical abuse you’ve borne from me. You’re lovely. I will do better.

by alannag

Creator, Scholar, Fashion Model, and Award-winning philanthropist following where curiosity takes me. I have a resume three miles long but jobs, memberships, and awards are not what make a person. I am finally ready to share insights from this full, varied and fortunate life.

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