An Attempt

Would that I were able to let my love
flow from my mouth but
My brain is a fickle thing and ties up my tongue in uncertainty and embarrassment.
My fingers, however, seem to be the exception, so I will let this ink spill out my love for you until it is spelled out so well that even my own fears would not dare utter a single word to refute it.
There is a gap to bridge and a distance to overcome but I hope that these words will lay some foundation for the fortifications of our resurrected love, but I deflect and digress…
To capture the sheer joy you give me with the mere sight of your face on paper is nigh impossible, it is staring at the sun rising, it is stars glittering fiercely at midnight, it is dusk lighting the sky with a sea of color.
And when you smile it’s as if being struck by lightning- a flash of mischievousness that can blind me- the moments that you allow gentleness to shape your face stop my heart.
There are times that you gaze at me with such longing that my heart forgets to pound as it should, and I momentarily drown in a wave of loneliness so deep it has no name, and I wish so fervently that I was in your arms that I almost feel them around me. Almost.
Ah, but these are but some of the things that strike me dumb.
My love for you runs deep into the marrow of my being. My heart sings at the smallest sound of your voice, it leaps at the notes of your laughter. My soul longs to be with you so that I search for you endlessly in my dreams for a simple taste of what it would be like to be near you.
Would that I could spend endless hours memorizing every inch of you over and over until we forget where one ends and the other begins.
But for now, these simple words must suffice.

by LunadeYemaya

I've always been fascinated with words. As a Boricua and a descendant of peoples with a strong oral tradition, I suppose it was only natural that I fell into writing. My poetry is inspired by whatever strikes me, and my stories are all fantasy.

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